Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Tree!

I'm so excited! My people put up a strange green thing covered in lights. Then I saw them hanging little shiny balls. But these were the kind that I'm not allowed to play with. What could it be?

A Christmas tree! (don't mind Lady Whiskers grooming herself underneath!)

She seems to have made herself at home underneath the fake snow. Sometimes I wish I was a cat, that way I can climb and take naps underneath the cozy fake snow too. She also gets to play with the Christmas balls. But then she gets the "no-no", so I guess I shouldn't be all that jealous after all!

But I have a tree all to myself :)

I hope that some of those presents under the big tree are for me! 


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Windy Windy City

These past few days have been hectic. But I'm happy that everything is finally bark to normal!

A lot of pooples in Southern California have experienced hard winds that not only destroyed our beautiful yards but it took our power away. This must have been hard for my people since some of them are addicted to the tv. What's even worse is that the little cold box that they keep their food and ice cream in wasn't working either. So we spent our entire Thursday in the dark. Thank goodness for fire!

I was in my room when the heavy wind started. I was so scared that I kept scratching the door. Well, I usually scratch the door and no one comes to get me. This time I SERIOUSLY wanted to get out! Luckily I got rescued this time. I got to spend two nights sleeping in the living room with some of my people! I loved every moment. I took over the couch and burrowed in their blanket. Can you find me in here?

But that's just the drama that went on indoors. Remember that tent that Wise Cat and I claimed as our little circus/club house? Here's a pic to remind you:

Well, on Thursday morning I was sad to discover that our circus was no more! That's right, the crazy winds took it down....down to the ground!
Good thing dear ol' Wise Cat isn't here to see this! The yard looks so much bigger without it. Hopefully they put some grass that I can play on! 

But everything is good now. I'm glad that the power is back on. I was beginning to miss doing this.