Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bowser Bash 2014

I had fun this weekend! I attended Bowser Bash 2014! Bowser Bash was one of the first events I ever attended in my life and I remember being terrified! It was my first time being around other dogs and a ton of people, and I didn't know what to think. Of course this all took place in 2011, and I have been out and about since then. This time around, I did so much better.

I've been wanting to go for the past couple of years but something always got in the way. In 2012, my man human purposely failed to inform me that this event was taking place. Maybe he didn't think I could handle all of the doggies, but I was willing to give it a try. I was so disappointed, I made sure to do my own research and find out ahead of time when it will take place. Well, I lucked out again last year because my man human decided to attend a home and garden show instead! Well, this year I was determined not to let anything stop me! By June I was checking the internet for information, and to my surprise, Bowser Bash was being pushed to October. It is normally a summer event. Lucky for me. I mean, what do my people do during this time of year? Nothing.

Many familiar names were there. There was the Inland Valley Human Society, and other rescue groups. There were 2 cute maltipoo puppies on sale for a very good price! What's so cute about those fluff balls? I knew they would probably be snatched up by the time the event was over. But there was another dog from a rescue group that caught my attention. He looked so much like me. His name is Angelo. Even the people who ran the event commented on the fact that we looked so much alike. It's like we are long lost brothers! I wish right then and there that we could take him out of his cage and take him home. I never say things like that! I don't like to share my home, but I liked this guy. But I must move on to the next event.

I stopped by the San Dimas dog park and looked at the dogs hanging out. This was the very first dog park I visited and I remember how afraid I was. I'm not a dog park lover. In fact, I kind of dread it. I was pleading for my people not to make me go in, but what did they do? They made me go in.

Turns out, it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I loved it! I never had so much fun at the dog park! I couldn't help but run around on my own away from my people. 

I found a neat little friend to chase around

After my brief dog park visit, I decided to check out everyone setting things up. Looks like they are setting up the agility course. 

There were several games being played too. I didn't participate. I was much too scared. The lady who was leading the games had such a loud voice! She's a dog trainer, so I guess she needed to be loud. But goodness! They played games like musical towels, Fido says, and doggie tic tac toe. Here are some doggies and their hoomans playing musical towels. 

We visited more booths and got free goodies! That's the best part! They were samples of dog food. A lot of them were promoting Blue Buffalo. I tried that food once. It's too hard for my little teeth. I wanted to give it another try though. Please take it out of the bag!

Time went by, and we were ready to go. But I wanted to do one more thing first:

I wanted to visit Angelo one last time. He is from a rescue group/no-kill shelter that my people and I would love to visit when the time is right. I really wish the time was right right now. I never wanted a brother so much. Of course I hope he gets adopted, but I also hope that he will wait for awhile until I am able to come and get him hehe. At least I know that he is in a no kill shelter who will take good care of him if he doesn't find a forever home right away. This is Angelo, don't we kind of look alike?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Is Here!

October is here! I've been looking forward to this month! I'm a bit disappawnted about the Summer sun still sticking around, but I guess I have no choice but to use my imagination. That didn't stop me from getting into the spirit of the season!

I'm even looking forward to Halloween this year! I was given this silly penguin costume as a gift 2 years ago. 2 years ago is such a long time in a doggie's life. I was much smaller and thinner then and had a hard time moving about. Fast forward to today, and you have a much chubbier dog. But gaining weight has it's perks. I can now fit into this costume without it falling off.

What do you think? How do I look?

Looking forward to a great Hallowoof! Why does it have to be at the end of the month? That's so far away!