Friday, March 30, 2012

Gophers and an Orphan

We've been having some major gopher problems! They are making a mess out of my beautiful grass. NO ONE can mess up the grass except for me! Just look at what they've done!

Golf, anyone?

I'll get you, my stinkiez!!
I will get them someday. Hunting rodents is supposedly my specialty. Let's see if this is true.

Another person and I have been taking walks every morning. Every morning we pass by the same houses, hear the same dogs bark, and pee on the same people's lawn. j/k. We take walks for exercise, not for leaving special messages...I PROMISE!

Anywagz, we passed by a house that looks as if their people's have gone bye-byes. Everything is gone except for one thing. Their dog. We've been seeing this little weenie every day this week. We don't know if he's a baby or if he's just a very small dog.
My person did the "awww" thing that humans do when they see something cute. I even overheard her saying that she was thinking of taking him home. I don't know how I feel about this. I am a very jealous brat terror and I like being the only baby! I'm what people call an "alpha male". But I of all dogs should feel sympathy for others who don't have a person to love them. After all, if it wasn't for my people feeling sorry for me, I wouldn't be here blogging. We might bring him food tomorrow if we see him on our walk again.

I wanna be your only baby.
I need to stop being so smellfish! I just don't want to be left behind again :( *tear*

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sun is Back!

It's a beautiful day in Californeeee-a! I was getting tired of this whole cabin fever business and ready to go on my morningly walk!

My people always pack a bunch of treats in their pockets to "distract me". It's kind of like being rewarded for barking....I like it.

Come on, let's go!!

More tweets.

Nothing too exciting happened during the walk. There was a giant monster truck sort of think that sweeps the streets. I guess everyone was hiding from that. But I did have fun in my backyard. I barked at birds...
and bathed in the sun!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rained In

Los Angeles, why must you rain? Today? On a SATURDAY? The day my people are home and able to do things with me? Not fair :( Well, since I'm rained in, I guess I gotta find something else to do. Something that won't make my people go "ALFIE! NO!!!!" because that happens often when I'm bored.

A couple of days ago, my person found out that I have secretly been piddly-diddlying in the hallway where I'm not supposed to. I did it once when I first moved in. That's because I didn't know that I couldn't just sprinkle anywhere I please. This whole entire year I've been doing pretty well (so they think). Ya know, sometimes you just get can't ALWAYS be a good boy! 

Anywagz, I guess I'm just gonna be lazy for the rest of the day. Hopefully Mr Sunshine will be back tomorrow!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Remington/Ruby/White Stuff

Been gone for a short while because the person has been finishing up on school. Why do I have to suffer as well? Oh well, it's almost over! hehe. But every time I take a hiatus, I always come back to some not-so-good news :( I just want to let Beth know that I am keeping my paws together for Remington! My person has been reading Remington's blog a year before I even existed in her life and I guess you can say we were kind of inspired by him ;) Which is why we were excited that he followed us once we started a blog of my own! So we hope for the best. Illnesses suck, I know, especially when the humans don't really know what they can do for us.

I also hear that the lovely rottie, Ruby had a health scare as well. I'm glad to hear that it isn't cancerous! It must be scary for her publicist, especially after losing her brother not so long ago! Never doubt the power of the paw.

I hope Whiskers isn't behind all of this...

*shakes and wiggles*

Anywagz, this is an update on something that happened 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago we had some bad weather. The sky was dark, it was cold, and stuff was falling from the sky. It wasn't the usual water drops that we usually get. These sky droppings were white, and they kept falling, and eventually made the yard look frosty.

I had no idea what it was! But it looked like it would be fun to roll in!

But I had an even better idea...


I tried to make it look like Wise Cat, but my paws got too cold!