Monday, May 23, 2011

Peekneek At The Park

i really enjoyed my picnic at the park this past sunday! i do wish the sun was out that day, though. but i had fun regardless. i saw many dogs, including a great dane! i was smaller than his head! i didnt get a pic of him though :(

cloudy day

lots of pooples setting up their picnic stuff

calming my nerves with a green bone stick thing :)

mmm whats that?

then THE GIRL and i decided to go for a walk to the nature center! there were tons of stairs to walk up. they were so high i had to be carried up there. it was just an excuse for me to be lazy :) here's the start of our trail!

there were a lot of animals in cages. i felt bad for them because i know how it feels to be caged up, not fun! but then i saw one of the owls looking at me if i was his next meal or something...i no longer pittied him!

can i take this home? it'll look great in my room!

time to go back to the picnic area. ahhh so many steps!

back at the picnic area. everyone was running around and tiring themselves out while i just sat back and chilled.

i had a great time at the park. i hope i get to do this again in the future! the only bad thing about coming back home was...was...was...BATH TIME! In the kitchen sink!

plp! plp! plp!

okay! im getting outta here!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alfie Jr.

Hola, meet Alfie Jr!

BOL! he kinda looks like a toy version of me, right?

he's my best friend because he never disagrees with anything i say and he doesnt make me take baths! hehe. he also doesnt scratch my face like a certain cat does...speaking of her...

anywagz, im going on a picnic tomorrow! (sunday). its my first social event so im nervous! i get very skiddish around people and animals i dont know, but my people figured this would be a good way to get me used to all kinds of things. i'll try my hardest not to do my annoying bark :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


its that ridiculous hat once again! This time its complete with a ridiculous vest that i waited patiently for...NOT!

i can hear now!

where for art thou, my lovely lady?

um..okay, you got your pix, can i have that bag of treats now?! the one ive been staring at the entire time?

boy, the things i do for treats sometimes!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Alf in a Blanket

This is why THE LADY always takes forever to get her laundry done!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Day in the 'Hood

I go on my daily walks every morning up and down the (quiet) street. Today i decided to get pix of myself trotting down the calle. I chose THE perfect day today...the day our neighborhoodums were out! But as long as i dont bark at them i'll be okay, right? just hope they dont have a big dog...a big mean dog.

walkin'...kinda distracted by all the neighborhood barkin'

just keep focusing on the bag of treats that THE LADY has in her purse!

much better.

reward time!! the ground looks like its about to break!

uh oh...neighborhood gangstas are out! time to go home!

the best thing about taking walks is coming home to a giant bowl of water!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Treats, No Come

i guess its safe to say that the Old Wise Cat is back to normal! She had some kind of intestinal issue but she's back to her old self now...loud meowing and everything! :) I'm hoping that she at least makes it through another year. With her strength, i bet she will! haha

I've been in "training" so far this week. Like ive mentioned before, i have issues with listening...unless there are treats invovled! bahaha. I just dont get the point in coming when called when your human is empty-handed. Ive also been told that ive been barking more than usual lately. Im sowwy! I dont understand why i get shhhhh'ed when i bark randomly. i have to listen to my people sing all the time...its not fair! oh well. tomorrow on my walk i'll TRY not to bark at that scary man on wheels. *pouty face*

oh costume is still in the works. i'm crossing my paws that they'll magically forget all about it! bahaha.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh a Rattie Needs a Hat Needs a Hat Needs a Hat

i'm begging you, PLEASE dont make me do it!!! ya go...

BAM! THE LADY and THE GIRL thought it would be cute to make me wear this silly hat that THE LADY crocheted for me. I hear the vest is on it's way...oh dear!

W.C. update: SHE'S EATING AGAIN!!! she's getting back to her normal self slowly. today she actually ate some of her dry food and her new food. she's slowly becoming talkative again, im pretty excited!

thank you, everyone for sending her your well wishes! and an even bigger thanks to Remington for the mention in his blog! Greetings to my new friends! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cat Food Thief!

Yesterday we discovered that Old Wise Cat's food dish has been cleaned! We thought she finally got up and ate, BUTTTTTT! Every single time THE MAN would fill her dish with food, it would be gone 5 minutes later. W.C. never pigs out. It takes her all day to eat her entire dish of food. So we were suspicious...

Lady Whiskers and I decided to keep guard and see who actually eats the food.

hopefully we can catch the thief in action!

Old Wise Cat is still hanging in there. She's doing better than she was a few days ago, but she's still not all there. We tried giving her special food. its organic and it comes in a can. We warmed it up and she drank the watery stuff. she didnt exactly eat, but she put more of an effort than she did before.

she even came out to see me! =D she didnt venture out with me as she usually does, but at least she actually walked for a short while.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Wise Cat

im worried about Wise Cat. She's been super lazy these past 2 days and barely eats. I came out to play today and she didnt even come out. usually she's happy to see me. she is 16 years old afterall...

my people think that she's withering away. im really sad because she's my best friend =(


So I hear that May is National Pet Month!

Purina is holding a competition called Picture Perfect ComPETition, where you have a chance to win $5,000! And as far as I know, there are other contests too. I know i dont have much of a pack following me, but if anyone stumbles upon this and is interested, go for it! Ive seen many cool dogs/cats in the blogworld ;)

Both dogs and Cats can enter. These are the CATegories:

For cats:
1. a video where they do a funny pur or meow.
2. a video of them doing something funny or cute.
3. a picture of them being cute
4. a best dressed picture competition.

For dogs:
1. a video where they do a funny bark/talk
2. a video of them doing a cool trick
3. a picture of them being cute
4. a best dressed picture competition.

But note, videos have to be 30 seconds or less. and if youre gonna mail a picture, make it a copy, because you wont be getting it back (boo!). Submissions are accepted til May 31st!

Go here for full info