Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'll Miss You, William

I'm kinda sad thinking about my dear friend, William. Oh wait, you don't know what happened to William? Well, let me explain.

As you know, William was the little orphan dog that lived in the abandoned house in my neighborhood. There were several times when we tried to catch him, but he was just way too fast. Deep down inside, I admired how quick and smart he was. I knew that there was no way that the evil dog catchers would ever catch him. Day after day I would see him on my daily walk. My people would even give him some of my treats. At first I didn't like it. I'm a jealous fool, but I saw how much he enjoyed it.

Well, just last week we noticed some workers working on the abandoned house. William was hanging around in the yard just as he always did and we gave him a treat just as we always did. I said goodbye to him as if I'd see him again the next day. But the days following that, he was nowhere to be found. 4 days had gone by and no sign of William. Where was he?

This past Monday I found out. As I was on my daily walk with THE LADY, one of the neighbors told us that just a few minutes after we left last time, the workers who were working on the house CAUGHT William and took him to the shelter! I was shocked (there's the shocked face again)

People have been trying to catch William for weeks and they never succeeded. How did these workers catch him?! Well, it turns out, we kind of made it easy for them. They were trying to catch him for days because he was doo-dooing all over the yard. They failed the first few times they tried to catch him but since we gave him a treat, they found that to be the perfect opportunity to catch him. Poor William. I could only imagine how scared he was! It brings me back to the day I was captured. I was enjoying an abandoned bucket of KFC when BAM. The next thing I knew, I was in a shelter truck.

The story doesn't end there, though. A little girl who lived across the street saw the workers capture William and she started crying. We found out that this little girl was the kind soul who was feeding William while we weren't there. I knew he was being fed, because we would always find out containers filled with new food. She loved this guy. So her mom took to the shelter and she adopted him! He got neutered and everything! But she couldn't keep it at her house because they didn't have a fence around their yard. They took William to their cousin's house in another city to stay. Then something else happened! The cousin looked outside the next morning and discovered that William was gone! The little tyke did what he did best, outsmarted the human beings. So now he's out running lose in a strange city. So far he hasn't been found.

I feel sorry for him because he has no idea where he is. We found out that he did belong to the people who used to live in the abandoned house. They lost the house because they could no longer pay for it and they left their dog behind. They used to leave him chained up in the backyard all day. During the time that they had to leave, they just let him run loose. No wonder he never left that ugly house. Maybe he was hoping that his people would one day come back to get him.

I just hope that someone finds him and gives him a home. It's just sad knowing that I'm going to be passing by his house and not seeing him anymore. If only his people didn't chain him up everyday and abandon him, maybe he would've trusted people better. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him, and we will all miss him.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Got a New Job!

As a part-time paper weight ;)

I hope all of your mommas have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weirdo Whiskers

What in the world is she doing?!

Since Wise Cat passed several months ago, we have a new queen in town: Lady Whiskers. Although Whiskers and I are rivals more than we are friends, I still do my best to respect her. She is, after all, OLDER than me. It's sometimes exhausting trying to figure out the ways of cats. Why do they act so cuddly one second and then demonic the next? Why are they fat, lazy balls of boring during the day, and playful at night when I'm locked up in my room? And why is she rubbing against my grass patch? Does she even know what goes on over here? heh heh.

I don't get it, but this is our relationship:

One minute she thinks I'm cool....

The next minute she wants to tear me apart!

Anywagz, William is starting to trust us more. He even tried walking with us this time!

I also saw something strange during my walk. It was slimy, had this weird thing on his back, and was super slow. I bet it would make a great delicacy, of course, I'll never find out.

My people also want to teach me to play with a ball. I don't get the excitement about it. I'm probably the only dog that feels that way!

Pee-Es: My back legs are back to normal! Yay!