Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weirdo Whiskers

What in the world is she doing?!

Since Wise Cat passed several months ago, we have a new queen in town: Lady Whiskers. Although Whiskers and I are rivals more than we are friends, I still do my best to respect her. She is, after all, OLDER than me. It's sometimes exhausting trying to figure out the ways of cats. Why do they act so cuddly one second and then demonic the next? Why are they fat, lazy balls of boring during the day, and playful at night when I'm locked up in my room? And why is she rubbing against my grass patch? Does she even know what goes on over here? heh heh.

I don't get it, but this is our relationship:

One minute she thinks I'm cool....

The next minute she wants to tear me apart!

Anywagz, William is starting to trust us more. He even tried walking with us this time!

I also saw something strange during my walk. It was slimy, had this weird thing on his back, and was super slow. I bet it would make a great delicacy, of course, I'll never find out.

My people also want to teach me to play with a ball. I don't get the excitement about it. I'm probably the only dog that feels that way!

Pee-Es: My back legs are back to normal! Yay!


  1. Happy to hear you are back to normal, my friend. Cats? Don't try to figure them out....just agree with them and all will be fine.... I certainly hope Sweet William will follow you home and live happily ever after....

  2. hey Alfie,

    Yay to your legs! That makes me furry happy!

    Kitty-cats. What more is there to woof? A mystery among dogs, and a tasty one at that! BOL! Actually, I am like you - if there is a kitty-cat living in my house I will respect it. I do find it hilarious that Lady Whiskers is rubbing her face on your grass mat. BOL! If only she knew...

    She is a lovely cat, though. Very pretty coloring.

    So furry happy to read about Sweet William! Thank you and your humans for being so kind and good to him, and showing him such patience and love. :->


    p.s. I don't get balls either, so you are not alone.

  3. Querido amiguinho!! Que lindo seu cantinho, heim?
    adorei passar por aqui! Essa internet nos traz muitas vantagens como conhecer amiguinhos de 4 patas de outros lugares que nem imaginávamos conhecer!!!
    Suas fotos estão lindas!! vc acompanhando o bichinho no chão então, achei mt divertida!!!!
    qnd puder e quiser venha me visitar, vou adorar ver vc por lá!
    Lambeijoquinhass p vcs todoss!!!

    Billy, sophia, jully, e mamãe!