Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Tree!

I'm so excited! My people put up a strange green thing covered in lights. Then I saw them hanging little shiny balls. But these were the kind that I'm not allowed to play with. What could it be?

A Christmas tree! (don't mind Lady Whiskers grooming herself underneath!)

She seems to have made herself at home underneath the fake snow. Sometimes I wish I was a cat, that way I can climb and take naps underneath the cozy fake snow too. She also gets to play with the Christmas balls. But then she gets the "no-no", so I guess I shouldn't be all that jealous after all!

But I have a tree all to myself :)

I hope that some of those presents under the big tree are for me! 


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Windy Windy City

These past few days have been hectic. But I'm happy that everything is finally bark to normal!

A lot of pooples in Southern California have experienced hard winds that not only destroyed our beautiful yards but it took our power away. This must have been hard for my people since some of them are addicted to the tv. What's even worse is that the little cold box that they keep their food and ice cream in wasn't working either. So we spent our entire Thursday in the dark. Thank goodness for fire!

I was in my room when the heavy wind started. I was so scared that I kept scratching the door. Well, I usually scratch the door and no one comes to get me. This time I SERIOUSLY wanted to get out! Luckily I got rescued this time. I got to spend two nights sleeping in the living room with some of my people! I loved every moment. I took over the couch and burrowed in their blanket. Can you find me in here?

But that's just the drama that went on indoors. Remember that tent that Wise Cat and I claimed as our little circus/club house? Here's a pic to remind you:

Well, on Thursday morning I was sad to discover that our circus was no more! That's right, the crazy winds took it down....down to the ground!
Good thing dear ol' Wise Cat isn't here to see this! The yard looks so much bigger without it. Hopefully they put some grass that I can play on! 

But everything is good now. I'm glad that the power is back on. I was beginning to miss doing this.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Warm Weather is Back (yay!)

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I also hope you guys were lucky enough to get a nice, scrumptious, Thanksgiving dinner. I tried, but I wasn't as successful as I expected.

*eying some delicious people food*

let's try the puppy dog eyes approach!
 eh...guess not.

Today I went on my Sunday walk. The weather has been a lot warmer than usual. I'm glad. I sure miss the summer! But I do love walking through the crunchy leaves!

aw, are we home already?

Then, when I got home, I was shocked to find out that it was time to take a BATH! A Bath?! I haven't had one in 2 weeks due to the cold weather. Aye, I guess I don't like warm weather after all!

oh well...why fight it? *cries*

I always enjoy the blow-drying at the end, though!

How is the weather everywhere else? Do you guys miss your baths? (heh heh). 

Monday, November 21, 2011

No, it's MY Room!

The spoiling continues. I really like this time of year because the stores are selling a lot of cool things for pets, and since this is my first howlidays with my people, they sure aren't hesitating to buy me things! I rolled my gigantic eyes at their newest purchase: another shirt. But I was happy to know that I didn't fit in it because I gained weight! (yay!) so they have to return it. I'm hoping that they aren't able to find one that's my size *paws crossed*. I should try to gain more weight in the meantime!

But I do love my new bed and blanket! I can't separate myself from it!
*in the kitchen*

I also love being in The Girl's room. It's so comfy and warm. There's a human bed in there that I try to sneak onto when no one is around...just like I like sneaking up on the kitchen table collecting left-overs. Isn't that what kitchen chairs are for? for me to climb on so that I can make my way to the table?

Except when she blocks my path.

I don't like being in my room anymore. Every night when my people say "good night" to me and give me my treats, I whine, yelp, and paw the living daylights out of the door hoping they'd open it and let me out. For the past week they've been trying to figure out why I suddenly have become "afraid" to sleep alone. They came up with this new theory. According to them, I'm not afraid at all...I'm just plain spoiled! I've gotten so used to the luxury that is The Girl's room (and bed) that my own room is no longer appealing. So her room is off limits for awhile. They're hanging out with me in my room so that I fall in love with it again. Operation-make-Alfie-love-his-room-again.

I don't know about this...
we'll see how this goes!

Until then, I'm gonna enjoy the autumn weather. I love leaves!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No-Kill Shelter in Danger

The howlidays are just around the corner! How is everyone enjoying the cooler weather?

I'm a major wimp who is constantly shivering even when its not even that cold! I'm just thankful that I get to spend my first thanksgiving in a home. I'm not expecting treats or anything *lies* but that would be a major bonus =P

 I've been spoiled again as usual. Since my last entry, my people have bought me:
  • another doggie bed (this is for when I camp out in THE GIRL's room)
  • another sweater! (this one kinda looks girly, i'm sure pictures will follow soon. grr)
  • a new blanket. I love it!
    and more and more treats!
For the past 2 nights I haven't been wanting to sleep in my own room. I've been consistently pawing at the door while yelping and whining. So far it isn't working, but I might try again tonight! I don't make messes they can't really call me a bad boy ;)

Anyway, my favorite dog rescue, Beagles & Buddies (one of the only no-kill shelters around here) is in danger and in need of support. For information visit their website! You might as well fall in love with the adoptable dogs as well!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Autumn is Kickin' In!

My people got me another harness! This one is black and red and roomier! So now I have two to choose from. But if it was completely my choice, I'd wear none ;)

i did some modeling before my weekend morning walk. This doesn't really match my colorful sweater! *side view*

Out on my weekend morning walk: The ground was still wet from yesterday's rain and the air was very cold. I can tell that summer is gone :( I met two new friends around the neighborhood. A Lhasa Apso and a Shih Tzu. I didn't get any pictures of them because their people were watching us! And I kept staring at them.

When I got back into my cold house, I noticed something strange in one of my people's room. They call it a heater and it gives us warm air. I LOVE the warmth, so this is probably gonna be my favorite thing these coming months!

They brought my favorite blanket into the room so that I can chill the chilliness away :)

*siesta time*

then i played with Lady Whiskers for a bit. She always wins!

okay...hiding time again ;)

Dont forget to tell your people to change their clocks! Am I gonna have to wait longer to get my breakfast?!

Monday, October 31, 2011



This is a pretty silly howliday. I did perform tricks for treats just like I do everyday but this time I got a little more treats than usual! I'm not complaining, it was a wonderful day! I wasn't even that good of a boy today (hehe).

But I realize that my people aren't really into halloween like most people are. They couldnt find my cowboy costume (yes!!) but they did find something else....

a wig!!!

They had one for Lady Whiskers too but of course she was nowhere to be


I hope everyone had a great halloween!

and I know I'm a bit late on this, but I've been too busy being sad about Wise Cat's passing that I haven't been up to date with what's been happening everywhere else. I just read that my dear friend and fellow pooch blogger, Gizmo has passed away =( I was very sad when I found out. I love Gizmo, Bart, and Ruby. They're one of my regular visitors and it's definitely sad knowing that a beautiful friend is no longer here. Wise Cat told me (before she went to cat paradise) that death is just a new beginning. I don't get it, but one day I will. Hopefully not anytime soon, though! But I am keeping Bart, Ruby, and their people in my doggie thoughts. I now know that losing a family member is hard. But I am thankful for getting to know this kind rottie for a short amount of time. I know he's having fun at the other side of the bridge. Probably swimming ;) Wagz and Kisses forever.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to Pawsting

Alfie is back...again! hehe. I keep taking little hiatuses because I've been distracted by chasing Whiskers around the house and barking at the corn man who passed by our street every afternoon. And missing Wise Cat from time to time. I'm also not sure if anyone still finds my pawsts interesting (or if they ever were BOL!) and sometimes I would just decide not to pawst because I figure it'd be boring to others anyway =P. And me and my big ears get lonely. So I keep holding it off and I search for crumbs on the floor to eat instead.


Then I remembered the reason why I started a blog in the first make memories of my life as it transformed from stinky stray to a spoiled house pet (who still stinks occasionally!). I'm decided to come back and not get distracted. I'll try to update on an almost daily basis (I said almost) like I did when I started.

Anywagz! Tomorrow is a special day I hear. It's a day called Halloween! I really don't know what it's all about but I hear that tricks and treats are involved. I love both! But then there's another part...costumes! My people didn't get a chance to get me a costume from the store but I hear theyre whippin' out my old cowboy crocheted outfit! I hope I get tons of treats for this....

I'll just hide from them...they'll never find me under my blanket heh heh heh

P.S. I miss my friend Suka! (anyone hear from him?)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bath Time & A Milestone

*sniff sniff* you there? I smell danger...

I remember a few months ago, Wise Cat taught me a very important math equation. It goes a little something like this:

1 bottle of shampoo

Plus a sink with running water

Plus Alfie (well, me!) 

Equals...BATH TIME! (aw man!)'re not done! Then there is a towel involved and lots of massaging.

E.T. is that you??

This was my "please adopt me" face. Apparently, it worked.

*30 minutes later* All dry and clean!

oh yeah, and yesterday I hit another milestone! We had a small birthday party for one of my people person's and they invited a pawket full of family members. Well, strangers to me. It was a pretty overwhelming day as I smelled scents I've never smelled before and voices i've never heard. Let me tell ya that we rarely have visitors. My people are pretty much the only people I see on a daily basis. Humans can be scary...especially the ones that handled me in the past. At first I did my job...I barked. Then as time went by, I was able to sit in the family room with all the strangers without barking. I even let a man pet me! This is an accomplishment for a recovering former shelter dog with issues hehe.Oh yeah, and I won their hearts with my famous tricks. Works every time ;)

and I came across a sweet creature that I've never seen before...a child.

Monday, October 10, 2011


My people are always leaving the house for a bit. I dont know where they go and why they dont bring me, but I've been thinking of ways that I can stowaway.

I tried crawling into their shoes, but all I could fit in was my head. It smelled in there anyway. But then i spotted something lying on the floor of my looked big enough to store me.

*squeezes in* if i dont move or breathe, i should be okay. Wow, I've really plumped up these past few months!

well, is anybody gonna pick up their bag? I guess I accidentally went into the wrong one.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Man in Charge

My people got me another ridiculous thing to wear! But it's autumn, so I guess it's okay. It goes well with my blue leash, collar, and harness :)

The weather has been great lately. The mornings are crisp cold while the sun shines right on you to give you warmth. But the backyard is a bit strange without Wise Cat.

I guess I'm in charge of the whole yard now. It's a big responsibility, but that's why I was given a loud, obnoxious bark! I'm on duty right now. So far nothing...just the sunshine =)