Thursday, March 31, 2011

Backyard Adventures

the weather has been lovely lately! it feels like summer! my people are thinking of getting me my own wading pool sometime! Alfie? Swimming? That'll be something to laugh at! Until then, I'll just enjoy the sun. Sunbathing has become a favorite activity of mine :)

ahhh sun!

"um...where are you off to?"

*zen status*

can i have another treat? Please?

watching the sunset

shake it off!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training Day!

[Cat]: HA-HA! Alfie has to stay on the leash and be trained today!

she's right. i do. i havent been listening lately so i guess my people are limiting my priviledges of running free until i start listening a lil better. *wimpers*. i was getting a lil too spoiled and taking advantage of it. hey, what else was i supposed to do?! so here it is. my people's attempt at making me a better listener! bone!

"Alfie, sit!"

"Alfie, come!"

"good job, boy. now stay focused!"

"Alfie! Hello? Earth to Alfie!"

"wait...dont touch it yet..."

*several hours later* OH, COME ON! *drools*

"okay, good boy!" finally!


that was fun! i wonder tomorrow has in store for me...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour!

We participated in Earth Hour tonight by shutting off all the lights. We decided to go all the way by shutting off our power too.

This is what I remember seeing...

Friday, March 25, 2011


Whats with all these April Showers?? Mother Nature has been very undecisive when it comes to the weather lately. Everytime i see the sunshine, i take full advantage of it because you never know when its gonna disappear! Like today...i didnt even get my morning walk because it was raining, but during lunch time Mr Sun was back! So, this is what happened...

what is this?

A barbeque?! =D

mmmmmm chicken!

The sun is still out, so I think i'll sunbathe while you people work hard at the grill

even Old Cat is joining in on the fun (on the wet floor)

mmmm almost done!

uh oh...the sun is leaving us again *pouts*

oh well, sun or not, im still gonna enjoy my snack!

the barbeque was fun! I didnt get to eat any of the yummy-smelling food that was on the grill, but i did get a nice raw hide bone for a snack! we should do this more often! well, hopefully the sun stays out longer!

time to rest now =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


the sun has returned! during my morningly walk today, i met a dog! He had a collar on and he was running free. He disappeared after awhile. I hope he went back home. I'd hate for him to get taken to the pound! When I came back home, the sky was cloudy again. Mother Nature is so mood-swingy. Just like cats!

wanna tango??

ooh, the sun is coming back! *looks up*

*sun bathing*

my people thought it would be cute to put another shirt on me! This one says "mommy and daddy love me the most". I dont have an actual mommy or daddy, but THE GIRL and THE LADY liked the shirt, so they bought it for me. I kinda wish they passed it by in the store...

at first i pretend to like it...

*trying to take it off!* its not as easy as the red shirt...

maybe you can help me?

[Cat]: nope, no can do. But I pity you!
[Me]: thanks anyway. I just hope they dont have any swim suits for me to wear this summer!
[Cat]: good luck with that! *good luck kiss*

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

or at least come at night...when im sleeping! hehe.

its been raining on and off these past 2 days. Yesterday morning it was raining so hard that i didnt get to have my morning walk. I didnt get to go outside and do my business either bahaha. So i was cooped up in the house all day and you can only imagine how crazy i was! I guess the good thing about me being insane during the day is that i sure knock out at night. My people said i was calmer than usual. Its probably because i was so pooped! Lady Whiskers stopped by though. I was shocked. Usually she wants nothing to do with me, but yesterday she hopped the fence twice just so that she can get into my room.

We had a lil stare off. She totally gave up! Its like a silent movie haha.

Today was a lil better. It was still wet outside but it wasnt raining. At least not this morning. I got to go on my morning walk, so i was happy :) It was so cold though! and the ground was wet, so it felt kind of icky on my feet. At times like these I envy those awesome dogs with long coats! But I got a cool jacket to wear though! its nice and warm and wooly!

BARK OFF! this shirt isnt as comfortable. i keep trying to take it off. I succeeded twice. heh heh.

i hope the sun comes back soon. I miss it :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Am I?

Oh no, the sun is disappearing again! Luckily I got my morning walk over with. I finally met some of my neighborhood pooches. They werent very welcoming! Oh well, I guess I'll stick to hanging out with my cats.

Old Cat and I are getting along real well. She did get mad at me the other day, though. I was running around the yard with THE GIRL while Old Cat was lazying on the steps nearby. I mustve been driving her crazy, that she leaned over to watch the madness when suddenly...SHE ROLLED OFF THE STEPS! I happened to be standing closeby and she walked up to me, hissed, and left! She thinks I caused her to fall. I apologized anyway, and we're good again hehe.

the old lazy one lying on the steps minutes before falling over haha

we're still cool, right??

okay, enough of that sillyness =P. im starting to have a slight identity crisis. when i was at the shelter, i was labelled as a Chihuahua. When my people first saw me, they thought i was a mix of a Chihuahua and something else. THE GIRL always shows people pix of me and they all say that i am NOT a Chihuahua! Maybe im a mix of a Chihuahua and part alien or something. So THE GIRL and some of her friends were taking guesses on my breed. they think i might be...

  • chihuahua

  • rat terrier (not saying im a rat, im a terrier that hunts rats! haha)

  • and possibly italian greyhound

i wonder where I got my colored eyes. hopefully someday i can get a DNA test, that would be awesome! not one that draws blood though, im not that desperate to find out my background! Maybe im part yoda...

oh well, the point is, im a good dog who behaves (at least when im being watched *evil giggle*), i hardly bark, i dont howl (i dont think i know how!), im a fast runner, and i love making people laugh =D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is March 15th...which means...its my MONTHIVERSARY! I cant believe a month has gone by since I arrived in my new home. A lot has happened and ive learned so much!

When i first came to my new home i was afraid of everything. i loved my new people, but i was too afraid to trust. ive been abandoned in the shelter for awhile, so i had to get used to being loved. I was also pretty hyper! I was semi food-aggressive because in the shelter, we only got fed once a day and we had to share food with other dogs in my kennel. i hardly got anything to eat, so i always felt as if i had to fight for my food. Everytime one of my people would try to feed me, i would jump all over them (and sometimes bite lightly). and once i did get my food, i would guard it with my life. since then, i have been taught to sit and wait patiently, and not to eat until someone says "okay!".i sometimes get a lil hyper still, but for the most part, im learning how to listen to the commands of my humans. i love my life now!

I got to do something fun today! I got to go on a car ride this morning. I was afraid at first because i thought i was either gonna go back to the shelter (dawg forbid!), or go to the vet. usually when i go in the car, it isnt anything fun. But today i just went for fun!

there's something i need to work on random barking! everytime i see someone walking on the street i have the sudden urge to bark! im usually a quiet dog, though. there's just something about humans walking on the street...dunno what it is.

i also made my first trip to Petsmart! its a store for creatures like me! i was a lil paranoid though. the doors did this weird thing where they open by themselves! i hear they call it "sliding doors". scary stuff. i was hoping to meet a bunch of dog shoppers, but no luck. i did meet a cute little toy poodle though. actually, i didnt meet her. she wanted nothing to do with me. on the brightside, i left the store with treats! the perfect monthiversary gift. i hope we can celebrate every month! i dont think we will that case, cant wait for my birthday.

hello from Petsmart!!! (THE MAN is right behind me hehe)

to top off my fun day, i got to play outside while THE GIRL and THE LADY took pix as they always do. I chased THE GIRL around the yard a few times until i tired myself out. it calms me down, since i have the tendency to be a lil firecracker while in the house! this while walking and running around thing sure is working. i was also told that i need to eat a lil less...i dont like that *gasp!*.

i wanna thank THE MAN, THE LADY, THE GIRL, and THE BOY for bringing me into their family. i hope someday, ALL shelter dogs have a happy ending like I did <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 1st Walk in the Neighborhood!

Happy Sunday!!! I passed my backyard walking test and earned the priviledge of walking on the street for the first time! It was nice and quiet. I was kinda hoping to see some dogs in the neighborhood, but no luck. Am I the only dog in the neighborhood?! i cant be, though. I always hear my neighbors from both sides barking and barking. the cat outside told me that both neighbors have chihuahuas like me, but ive never seen them. someday..someday...anyway, here are pix from my first walk in the 'hood!

me and THE LADY walking down the street.

aww, what? are we headin' home already?? but i havent met any of my neighbors yet!

i loved walking in the sun :) my people said i did a great job walking for the first time. they were afraid that i'd be like the dog they had before me. Supposedly she was a "sniffer", a "puller", and an overall wild one. they were also glad that i didnt take bathroom breaks every second. See, male dogs dont do that! well, at least i dont. i did find business left behind from other dogs though. pewwy!!!

well, my walking session is over. time for a quick photoshoot on the front lawn. not ready..

im still not ready!

eh, good enough! hehe

and now it's quiet time inside the house on THE LADY's lap once again :) *yawn* fallin' asleep..