Saturday, March 12, 2011

hanging out with old cat

the sun is slowly leaving us! i still got to go on my lovely walk, and this time i got to hang out with the old cat outside! she's really not that bad. the first time we met, all she did was hiss and chase me around the yard but i guess she realized that im not going anywhere, so she gave up! haha. we're slowly becoming friends. she's old and wise (15 years old, soon to be 16!) but she still has tons of pep for her age :)

am i ever gonna get to walk WITHOUT this leash?!

oh, im sorry, did i say that out loud?

[cat] "i've been living with these people for 15 years, and not once did I ever have to walk on a leash. ha!"

[cat] but eh, whatever. just enjoy the sun! well, what's left of it.

[me] wow, i cant believe youre letting me get this close to you!

[cat] yeah...well, its getting boring. this old gal, needs her cat nap!

[me] what?? already?? but i really enjoy your company!

[cat] you heard me! enough! bye, Alfie. Time for you to go inside your house and do...whatever it is you do in there. you spoiled lil thing, you! Just let me chill in my house.

eh..okay. it was fun while it lasted. hopefully we can hang out more tomorrow. for a moment, i thought she (the cat) had it better than i do. you know, freedom out in the backyard 24/7, getting to eat whenever she pleases, not having to walk on a leash, etc. but now i realize that I have it better. i mean, i get to stay in the people house, and during nap time, i dont have to stay in a plastic house. i get to cuddle with actual human beings! now THIS i wont trade for anything!

*cuddling with THE LADY while THE GIRL does that paparazzi thing she always does*

hehe goodbye! have a lovely weekend and dont forget to SPRING FORWARD! i hope this doesnt affect my eating schedule!

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  1. Great pics, my friend! Looks like a friendship starting there. But a word from the wise (that's me....ha ha)....with a kitty THEY are in long as we doggies understand that we do just fine! Have a fun day!