Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is March 15th...which means...its my MONTHIVERSARY! I cant believe a month has gone by since I arrived in my new home. A lot has happened and ive learned so much!

When i first came to my new home i was afraid of everything. i loved my new people, but i was too afraid to trust. ive been abandoned in the shelter for awhile, so i had to get used to being loved. I was also pretty hyper! I was semi food-aggressive because in the shelter, we only got fed once a day and we had to share food with other dogs in my kennel. i hardly got anything to eat, so i always felt as if i had to fight for my food. Everytime one of my people would try to feed me, i would jump all over them (and sometimes bite lightly). and once i did get my food, i would guard it with my life. since then, i have been taught to sit and wait patiently, and not to eat until someone says "okay!".i sometimes get a lil hyper still, but for the most part, im learning how to listen to the commands of my humans. i love my life now!

I got to do something fun today! I got to go on a car ride this morning. I was afraid at first because i thought i was either gonna go back to the shelter (dawg forbid!), or go to the vet. usually when i go in the car, it isnt anything fun. But today i just went for fun!

there's something i need to work on though...my random barking! everytime i see someone walking on the street i have the sudden urge to bark! im usually a quiet dog, though. there's just something about humans walking on the street...dunno what it is.

i also made my first trip to Petsmart! its a store for creatures like me! i was a lil paranoid though. the doors did this weird thing where they open by themselves! i hear they call it "sliding doors". scary stuff. i was hoping to meet a bunch of dog shoppers, but no luck. i did meet a cute little toy poodle though. actually, i didnt meet her. she wanted nothing to do with me. on the brightside, i left the store with treats! the perfect monthiversary gift. i hope we can celebrate every month! i dont think we will though...in that case, cant wait for my birthday.

hello from Petsmart!!! (THE MAN is right behind me hehe)

to top off my fun day, i got to play outside while THE GIRL and THE LADY took pix as they always do. I chased THE GIRL around the yard a few times until i tired myself out. it calms me down, since i have the tendency to be a lil firecracker while in the house! this while walking and running around thing sure is working. i was also told that i need to eat a lil less...i dont like that *gasp!*.

i wanna thank THE MAN, THE LADY, THE GIRL, and THE BOY for bringing me into their family. i hope someday, ALL shelter dogs have a happy ending like I did <3

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  1. You truly found a loving forever home, my friend....that makes me smile!