Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Work Out!

So I made a new discovery about myself. For the longest time I questioned myself whether I am really a dog, or a cat trapped in a dog's body! I LOVE chasing birds, I lick my fur to keep it clean, I hack hairballs, and sometimes I like to rub my face against my people to show affection! I love to sleep and I just don't care to play any games, especially ones that contain a bouncy ball! WHAT?! A dog not liking a ball? This trait was beyond my people! They always say, "Are we sure we didn't adopt a cat instead of a dog?!"

But just this past summer, I realized that playing ball is fun! I'm just picky when it comes to the ideal ball. I found one in our backyard that I really love! It's blue and it's really bouncy! It barely fits in my mouth but I really enjoy playing with it! I've gotten a little pudgy over the weeks and I need some kind of work out!

I'm ready to play!!!

I got it! I got it! This is a work out for my jaw too!

Sometimes I forget to stretch before my work out!

This is what my ball looked like after I slobbered all over it! It kind of looks like blue camouflage!

Woohoo! Exercise feels great! I can feel the burn! Wait...that's just the hot concrete!

It also poops you out!

This is more like it! Apparently, watching me tire myself is pretty tiring! Right, GIRL?

Oh yeah, and they just opened a dog park in our neighboring city! I haven't been able to go since it's been so hot down here, but my people are planning to take me some time. I was so happy, I could barely contain my smile!
BOL! I wasn't snarling like it looks like I am. I was sleeping and had my face pressed against my pillow and it curled my lip and it got stuck like that for awhile! It made a funny picture!

Say what?!