Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Porch Sessions

I've been a member of this family for almost 5 months now, so im slowly gaining more freedom. At first i wasnt allowed to walk the house without a leash (cuz i used to piddly diddly wherever i please...especially the carpet). But now, 5 months later, my people have gotten used to me and i have gotten used to the rules around the house. Sure, i'd sneak a lil mess-around from time to time, but overall, im an angel.

so with that being said...i have the freedom to roam around the entire house during the day! see that? no more baby-gate in front of my room! well, until night time comes. good enough, though.

ive also been hanging out in the front yard a lot lately. for some reason the weather is cooler and breezier there. i still have some shelter dog issues, so being in the front yard exposes me to the strange things i come across. Like humans doing the weird things they do.

once i graduate from the porch level, maybe i can go to the pet store more often. i kinda cause a scene everytime i bark at the people and dogs there. its probably because im the ONLY dog that barks there. i mean no harm though. barking is just what i do. just like humans talk on their little phones.

the treats are worth it though. oh the excitement in my buggy eyes!

come on, gimme it!

time to run inside now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Worm?

im enjoying this warm summer weather! ive been spending most of my time outside and not listening to my people when they tell me to come because im busy eating things that im not supposed to eat because im such a piggie pie!

but i need to work on my behavior. people say that i act like 2 different dogs. one minute im a rat terrier, the next minute im a brat terror.

i asked Wise Cat what i should do to spend my time wisely. she suggested i learn to read. there's something about humans and reading. i dont get it, but i'll try.


meh...forget it! i'd much rather roll in the dirt :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Day After Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's day and i just wanted to thank THE MAN who is my daddy-figure for welcoming me into his home. He's the one who picks up my doodiez, showers me with treats, and has taught me all the cool tricks i can do today.

Being a dog, i am limited on ideas to show a human my appreciation. the night before, i sat alone on my weewee pad thinking of ways i can say "thank you" and then i thought "hmm...why dont i go ONE DAY without barking?" so the next day i tried but i failed hehe. he still loves me, i hope!

anyway, its a new week! THE LADY and THE GIRL took me on a neighborhood walk again. its been about a month since ive done that, so it took a lil re-getting used to. There are these 3 dogs that live in my neighborhood...they pretty much bullied me on my very first walk back in the day. well a month has gone by and i decided to speak my piece:

(they were yapping too, even though theyre not shown BOL!)

after that, i continued walking like a little angel. hey, im a small (male) dog, i need to show the neighborhood how tough i think i am! i also like cuddling and playing with stuffed animals, but thats my lil secret ;) when im out on the streets, im a man!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stwawbeewie Moon?

Well, i FINALLY saw my first full moon! After seeing the big moon on Google's homepage, i couldnt miss it for the world. It definitely doesnt look very stwawbeewie, to me, but its still howl-worthy!

Well, i checked on my danDILLeeyans today and they didnt open up like Wise Cat said they would. Instead, they looked like this:

i cant believe its the same flower!! I sniffed it and the little white puffy things blew everywhere! Wise Cat told me that sometimes those yellow DILLeeyans can change over night. Wow!

*makes a wish*

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Circus is Here! I Think...

oh my dawgy-o! something is wrong with my danDILLeeyans!



what i have done?! speak to me!!!

"relax, theyre just sleeping. they'll bloom again tomorrow!"

i hope she's right :( anyway, OLD WISE CAT and THE MAN have been working on a project of their own in our backyard.

what is this, a giant dog house? now i have a shady place to play when the sun is out!

sounds good to me :)

gween stwawbeewies, anyone?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


today i found THIS in my backyard.

but what in the name of biscuits is it?!

its a dan-DILL-ee-yan! Old Wise Cat told me that its pronounced "dandy lion", and Remingtons's blog post confirms it. but it doesnt look like a lion to me! sure smells good though.

okay, i lied. it doesnt smell like anything. but i had a lot of fun with it!


Monday, June 6, 2011


Lady Whiskers was complaining saying that i dont blog about her as much as i should. and she's right. she and i share the house, we're always running up and down the hall wrestling, and shes always tricking me into doing certain things that will get me in trouble.

so i was originally just gonna include this pic of us sitting by the big sliding window. but then she said "no one can see my beautiful face!". i dont really think she's all that pretty, but thats just my opinion *paws up*.

but i decided to be nice and give her a few close-ups. here she is sitting on her rocking throne, burrying herself in grocery bags.

i pretty much do whatever she tells me to do because according to her, she's always right. besides, if i dont...im gonna have to deal with these! (her claws arent even out).


anyway, enough about her! today i found a new place to take a nap. in the closet with stuffed monkey and stuffed rotweiler!

night night!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cat Fight!

oh no no no...i dont think so...you are NOT making me wear more clothes!

Whats this you say? A spankin' new harness? in my favorite color blue?

yep, my people just got me a new harness to wear when i go for my walks! there was another one that they had before they adopted me but when they brought me home, they realized that i was a bit too chubby for it, so they've been on the hunt for a new one since. looks like they finally found one. i like it. its much more comfortable than being leashed to my collar :)

its just hard to sunbathe in, though. tan lines? i hope not!

anyway, a few nights ago, i heard some cats screaming and growling out in the backyard while i was trying to sleep. Remember the cat food thief? well he was back! and he was trying to steal poor Old Wise Cat's food from her garage. Dont let this fool you, she may be old, but she can still fight! well at least she thinks she can. we found blood marks on the ground and thought it was hers. i was scared because we almost lost her a few weeks ago. turns out...it was blood from the other cat! she was fine. well except for a sprained leg.

she's doing much better now. she's back to her old self. that crazy girl just keeps on fighting! but now she sleeps safely in a closed garage. we dont want her to fight anymore. we know shes strong, but next time she might not be so lucky :O

she told me stories of her youth and how she kicked the furry behinds of so many cats. i didnt believe her at first, but seeing how she drew blood from a much bigger (male) cat...i stand corrected. wouldnt wanna mess with her! but i gotta protect her next time. its my duty as a dog!