Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stwawbeewie Moon?

Well, i FINALLY saw my first full moon! After seeing the big moon on Google's homepage, i couldnt miss it for the world. It definitely doesnt look very stwawbeewie, to me, but its still howl-worthy!

Well, i checked on my danDILLeeyans today and they didnt open up like Wise Cat said they would. Instead, they looked like this:

i cant believe its the same flower!! I sniffed it and the little white puffy things blew everywhere! Wise Cat told me that sometimes those yellow DILLeeyans can change over night. Wow!

*makes a wish*


  1. Cool pic of the moon! It was too cloudy here to get a pic....

  2. hey lfie,

    Wasn't it a great moon?! I am so happy you got to see it! It was perfect for howling! I wonder if I heard your howls in the wind? :->

    What a sweet little dandelion! I hope your wish comes true!



    p.s. That is such a sweet picture of you!

  3. Beautiful moon photo, Alfie!!!
    See? the flower is blooming!
    Have a nice sunday.
    Woof, woof,