Friday, June 3, 2011

Cat Fight!

oh no no no...i dont think are NOT making me wear more clothes!

Whats this you say? A spankin' new harness? in my favorite color blue?

yep, my people just got me a new harness to wear when i go for my walks! there was another one that they had before they adopted me but when they brought me home, they realized that i was a bit too chubby for it, so they've been on the hunt for a new one since. looks like they finally found one. i like it. its much more comfortable than being leashed to my collar :)

its just hard to sunbathe in, though. tan lines? i hope not!

anyway, a few nights ago, i heard some cats screaming and growling out in the backyard while i was trying to sleep. Remember the cat food thief? well he was back! and he was trying to steal poor Old Wise Cat's food from her garage. Dont let this fool you, she may be old, but she can still fight! well at least she thinks she can. we found blood marks on the ground and thought it was hers. i was scared because we almost lost her a few weeks ago. turns was blood from the other cat! she was fine. well except for a sprained leg.

she's doing much better now. she's back to her old self. that crazy girl just keeps on fighting! but now she sleeps safely in a closed garage. we dont want her to fight anymore. we know shes strong, but next time she might not be so lucky :O

she told me stories of her youth and how she kicked the furry behinds of so many cats. i didnt believe her at first, but seeing how she drew blood from a much bigger (male) cat...i stand corrected. wouldnt wanna mess with her! but i gotta protect her next time. its my duty as a dog!


  1. Yes, Alfie, it is your duty as a dog!! We used to have a senior kitteh, and the female rottie we had at the time would always watch er when she was outside to make sure she was OK. Your new harness is very handsome!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. I love your new harness, Alfie!
    Oh, i hope that the poor cat was better now.
    Happy sunday.
    Woof, woof,


  3. hey Alfie,

    Love your new harness! I think you look very sophisticated in it. Blue is definitely your color! I just can't picture you being chubby, though. You look very slim to me! Worrying about tan lines, you are funny!

    Yay for Old Wise Cat! I bet it was a first-round K.O.! BOL! So furry happy she is safe and unhurt.


    p.s. You have a mini-Me?!? Can't wait to see it! Very cool! :->

  4. Lookin' great as always, my friend. I am happy that your Wise Cat is doing ok....