Monday, June 20, 2011

The Day After Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's day and i just wanted to thank THE MAN who is my daddy-figure for welcoming me into his home. He's the one who picks up my doodiez, showers me with treats, and has taught me all the cool tricks i can do today.

Being a dog, i am limited on ideas to show a human my appreciation. the night before, i sat alone on my weewee pad thinking of ways i can say "thank you" and then i thought "hmm...why dont i go ONE DAY without barking?" so the next day i tried but i failed hehe. he still loves me, i hope!

anyway, its a new week! THE LADY and THE GIRL took me on a neighborhood walk again. its been about a month since ive done that, so it took a lil re-getting used to. There are these 3 dogs that live in my neighborhood...they pretty much bullied me on my very first walk back in the day. well a month has gone by and i decided to speak my piece:

(they were yapping too, even though theyre not shown BOL!)

after that, i continued walking like a little angel. hey, im a small (male) dog, i need to show the neighborhood how tough i think i am! i also like cuddling and playing with stuffed animals, but thats my lil secret ;) when im out on the streets, im a man!


  1. As male doggies, we think it's important to be deversified. Good job, Alfie!!

    -Gizmo and Bart

  2. Oh Alfie,
    you're a very good dog!
    Do not worry about your father. He knows very well that you love him. And he loves you too.
    Happy new week, my friend.
    Woof, woof,