Monday, June 6, 2011


Lady Whiskers was complaining saying that i dont blog about her as much as i should. and she's right. she and i share the house, we're always running up and down the hall wrestling, and shes always tricking me into doing certain things that will get me in trouble.

so i was originally just gonna include this pic of us sitting by the big sliding window. but then she said "no one can see my beautiful face!". i dont really think she's all that pretty, but thats just my opinion *paws up*.

but i decided to be nice and give her a few close-ups. here she is sitting on her rocking throne, burrying herself in grocery bags.

i pretty much do whatever she tells me to do because according to her, she's always right. besides, if i gonna have to deal with these! (her claws arent even out).


anyway, enough about her! today i found a new place to take a nap. in the closet with stuffed monkey and stuffed rotweiler!

night night!


  1. RESPECT is what I learned from one cat. It was the only time I ever got clawed and I have never forgotten....they have to have a way to protect themselves....

  2. Rem's right. Just a little r.e.s.p.e.c.t. Butt hey! we love that you like to nap on a rottie. We're quite cuddly!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  3. hey Alfie,

    Your sisfur is beautiful! For a cat. BOL! Seriously, she has a beautiful face, and she looks like a fun sisfur to have, except for those Ninja Cat claws. Yipes!

    By the way, it is very nice to meet you Lady Whiskers!

    Alfie, your new napping place rocks! Could you be any more comfy cozy cute? Sweet dreams!