Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dog Park: Watch Your Step!


Um...who are you??
What a great Summer this has been so far! My people have been taking me out a lot. I've been going on morning car rides to pick up the newspaper, attending Summer concerts (humans have interesting taste in music, I say!), and best of all....I'VE BEEN GOING TO THE DOG PARK! 

I've only been to a dog park once in my short life, and that was almost two years ago! They built a dog park in our area recently, and we've finally put it to use. I admit, I was frightened at the thought of being around other dogs. I'm an alpha, but I'm on the road to learning how to make new pals. This is Skippy. One day I'll work the courage to tell her how cute I think she is...

This is Chloe. She's kind of old, but can smell treats a mile away!

Here are a few other pals!

These guys decided to strike a pose

I guess I'm not the only one who likes Skippy...

The dog park was a blast! Let's come back again! 

I didn't do too bad on my first 2 days. I only snipped at 2 dogs but that's because they thought I'd make a better trampoline than a dog. I still haven't met a dog who is smaller than me! And some people use the park as a giant dog without a flusher. Watch your step!