Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Lazy Sunday

*arf!* i hope everyone is having a relaxing sunday today. Since im still not allowed to go outside due to my respiratory issue, this is the closest I can get. a big giant sliding door/window in the kitchen to soak up the sun! (note: notice my new bed! I love it. it matches my color pretty much!)

Just chillin' in the sun

huh?! Its funny how humans love it when we tilt our heads like that. go on...keep on confusing me with the funny noises you make.

i have my leash on and im ready to walk...why cant I go outside? :(

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd (and 3rd?) Vet Visit

well, i think Fridays are gonna be vet days! at least for the first few weeks living in my new home. Today was my 2nd vet visit. We had to wait in the waiting room for almost 2 hours! Its okay though. I like sitting on any of my persons' laps. There was a crazy pitbull puppy barking at me the whole time.

im hiding, cuz im scared :P

I got a different form of antibiotics and some other medication. Call me loco, but I actually like my medicine! haha. it tastes yummy :) Oh, and there has been this weird thing on my chest for a few days. We found out it was a tick! yuck! Thank goodness they took that sucker out. I got treatment for that too. Along with all of that, I got dewormed. Everytime they do something to me, they always take me away from my people :( i dont know why they do that, im just glad they bring me back haha.

i came home and i didnt want to eat. i ended up puking three times! i had to be brought back to the vet that same day. Doctor gave me another pill. I was exhausted when i came home but im feeling lots better now! i've been eating and drinking regularly. Doctor wants me to put on some weight, so i get to be piggish for awhile. No complaints! :)

i hope to be fully recovered soon. i guess being a shelter dog has its downs. But im so glad i have my very own home. I was sad to know that almost all of my shelter bunk buddies are no longer there. i hope they got homes...*whimpers*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is That A....Leash??

i'm due for another vet visit tomorrow. AHHHH!
but other than that, im doing so much better. I'm still sneezing and wheezing here and there, but my "system" is back in order! I'm slowly beginning to do normal doggie learning to walk on a leash. it scared the dog doo out of me at first, but im slowly starting to trust. practice makes perfect, right?

the weather's been kinda up and down, but i sure took advantage of it during its ups!

chillin' in the sun again

why, helloooooooooo!


what are ya lookin' at??

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time for a Reward!

I finally "went" on the wee pad (after several accidents on the carpet). When I finally succeeded, everyone celebrated. The things that amuse human beings! So as a treat they gave me...something to clean my teeth with.

mmmm what is this??

mmm yam-yam

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Gate & New Collar

didnt do much today. the vet called to see how i was doing. I have to go back on Friday. i also got vitamins that i have to take 3-4 times a day! I cant wait til this is all over. I wanna run around and be a dog :)

Whaaat?! A baby gate?! I'm trapped in my own room!

I'm sooo sad *pouts*

on the brightside, i got a new collar today! No more silly Valentine's bow around my neck!

1st Vet Visit

I think my post titles are gonna contain the word "1st" for awhile haha. Today was my first vet visit. The prison shelter has this thing where pooches and purries get free vet visits within the first 5 days of adoption, so thats why I ended up going. It was pretty scary. I had no idea what was going on...I just feared my people leaving me and not coming back =P. thank Dawg that my visit wasnt too long (the vet probably didnt care much because the visit was free, jk lol). I didnt get any pix of me at the place, but its no big deal. I'll probably be back there soon :( i got antibiotics for my wheezing/hacking/coughing/sneezing. i might have to go back to fix other things. *positive thoughts*

besides that, my people finally decided to buy me the grass patch! but i still wont use it hehe. it doesnt feel like grass to me, it kind of tickles and i would much rather go on the carpet :)

I was also a lil on the mischevious side today, but I'm just so excited about everything. But i'm still in recovery-mode, so I have to be bed-ridden for the next week or so. that means no more outdoor adventures for now *whimpers* so life might be a lil boring until then. aww. i cant promise you that i wont try to sneak on the furniature while no one's looking.

catchin' some Zzz's. courtesy of the not-so-scary phone camera.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gettin' To Know the Place

I'm making great progress! Today was my first day venturing out and checking out my new place. I love it! I just hate it when my people leave the room. I'm afraid of being abandonned again. As of now, I still havent used those peepee pads. I refuse! I prefer the carpet *angel face*. My piddly-diddly accidents convinced one of my persons to go out and buy me a grass patch. maybe that'll work better. we'll see...

but i've been coughing/wheezing all day. is this normal after being neutered? I'm seeing the scary vet tomorrow, we'll find out if im okay or not. I hope so...*scared*

okay enough of my recovery problems. This is what went on today!

Good mornin'. Let me go back to sleep!

Hello, Lady Whiskers! We meet again!

I got to go outside in the backyard for the first time.

sniffin' the air...

smile for the cheap-o phone camera

i wanna soak up the sun

one of my persons crocheted a mat for me.

ANDDD...i've made another friend. well, not really. My family has another pet cat, but this one is outdoors. She's not as friendly as the Lady Whiskers that stays inside with me. She didnt seem to like me. She hissed at me and practically chased me around the yard. I'm sure i'll warm up to her sooner or later (I hope!). She finally got bored, so we snapped a shot together. This is the closest I'll get to her!

Today was such an exciting day despite my piddly-diddly accidents. Tomorrow I visit the vet. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My 1st Meal & Wee Pads!

It was my first night in my new home. I slept well. I cant remember the last time I actually had a warm blanket and pillow (or if I ever have!). I've gone longer than 24 hours without drinking/eating.

But thank dawg its a brand new day! I'm finally allowed to eat and drink. the anesthesia hasnt worn off exactly, so I didnt have much of an appetite all day. But at around 9 pm, I had my first meal. It was yummy! It smelled (and tasted) much better than what I was getting at the shelter! My people even added warm water to my food to soften it a little to make it easier for me to eat. I didnt eat too much, though. Maybe tomorrow I'll return to my piggish self.

And since i'm still "bed-ridden" and im not really able to go outside (it's raining, anyway), i'm being housebroken inside. My people are gonna buy me some silly grass patch in the mere future, but for now, i'm using these "wee pads". I still dont get the concept of it, but this gal sure does!

This is my cat buddy, I'll call her "Lady Whiskers". She's my housemate. I havent gotten to know her that much yet, but so far she's been really welcoming and nice! She'll be making a lot of appearances in my blog ;) We're practically the same size!
hopefully i get this whole "wee pad" thing down soon. and hopefully i'll be back on my feet soon too. I have my first vet visit this friday. eeek!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i'm home! (and in la-la land)

well, i'm finally home! I'm still all groggy from whatever they did to me. I might be like this for the next 2 days or so. boo.

Oh well. I really like the so-called bed they made me =D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello, World!

*arf!* After being a prisoner shelter dog for almost 2 weeks, I'm finally free! Well, not exactly. My new family cant take me home until tomorrow evening. Something about me needing to be neutered? I really dont know why we have to go through such things, but I really have no choice. It wasn't all that bad. I still cant feel my body. Actually, I really dont remember what happened. All I know is that by tomorrow, I wont be sleeping on this cold floor with these smelly cell mates anymore!

Speaking of smell...I could really use a bath right now. I need to get rid of this shelter funk!

*yawn*. well i'm gonna sleep. Hopefully tomorrow they take off this ridiculous Valentine's bow around my neck. It was supposed to make me look more appealing since they didnt think I was cute enough to be adopted. hey, it worked. Those people chose me. Either that, or they felt sorry for me. Either way, it worked! Now can I please take this off? =P

Oh, and here's my mug shot aka my shelter picture. I dont know who that other guy is.

Here's to a new life filled with new adventures!

P.S. My name is Buddy-Alfalfa, but I prefer "Alfie". Nice to meet you :)