Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello, World!

*arf!* After being a prisoner shelter dog for almost 2 weeks, I'm finally free! Well, not exactly. My new family cant take me home until tomorrow evening. Something about me needing to be neutered? I really dont know why we have to go through such things, but I really have no choice. It wasn't all that bad. I still cant feel my body. Actually, I really dont remember what happened. All I know is that by tomorrow, I wont be sleeping on this cold floor with these smelly cell mates anymore!

Speaking of smell...I could really use a bath right now. I need to get rid of this shelter funk!

*yawn*. well i'm gonna sleep. Hopefully tomorrow they take off this ridiculous Valentine's bow around my neck. It was supposed to make me look more appealing since they didnt think I was cute enough to be adopted. hey, it worked. Those people chose me. Either that, or they felt sorry for me. Either way, it worked! Now can I please take this off? =P

Oh, and here's my mug shot aka my shelter picture. I dont know who that other guy is.

Here's to a new life filled with new adventures!

P.S. My name is Buddy-Alfalfa, but I prefer "Alfie". Nice to meet you :)

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