Saturday, February 19, 2011

1st Vet Visit

I think my post titles are gonna contain the word "1st" for awhile haha. Today was my first vet visit. The prison shelter has this thing where pooches and purries get free vet visits within the first 5 days of adoption, so thats why I ended up going. It was pretty scary. I had no idea what was going on...I just feared my people leaving me and not coming back =P. thank Dawg that my visit wasnt too long (the vet probably didnt care much because the visit was free, jk lol). I didnt get any pix of me at the place, but its no big deal. I'll probably be back there soon :( i got antibiotics for my wheezing/hacking/coughing/sneezing. i might have to go back to fix other things. *positive thoughts*

besides that, my people finally decided to buy me the grass patch! but i still wont use it hehe. it doesnt feel like grass to me, it kind of tickles and i would much rather go on the carpet :)

I was also a lil on the mischevious side today, but I'm just so excited about everything. But i'm still in recovery-mode, so I have to be bed-ridden for the next week or so. that means no more outdoor adventures for now *whimpers* so life might be a lil boring until then. aww. i cant promise you that i wont try to sneak on the furniature while no one's looking.

catchin' some Zzz's. courtesy of the not-so-scary phone camera.

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