Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My 1st Meal & Wee Pads!

It was my first night in my new home. I slept well. I cant remember the last time I actually had a warm blanket and pillow (or if I ever have!). I've gone longer than 24 hours without drinking/eating.

But thank dawg its a brand new day! I'm finally allowed to eat and drink. the anesthesia hasnt worn off exactly, so I didnt have much of an appetite all day. But at around 9 pm, I had my first meal. It was yummy! It smelled (and tasted) much better than what I was getting at the shelter! My people even added warm water to my food to soften it a little to make it easier for me to eat. I didnt eat too much, though. Maybe tomorrow I'll return to my piggish self.

And since i'm still "bed-ridden" and im not really able to go outside (it's raining, anyway), i'm being housebroken inside. My people are gonna buy me some silly grass patch in the mere future, but for now, i'm using these "wee pads". I still dont get the concept of it, but this gal sure does!

This is my cat buddy, I'll call her "Lady Whiskers". She's my housemate. I havent gotten to know her that much yet, but so far she's been really welcoming and nice! She'll be making a lot of appearances in my blog ;) We're practically the same size!
hopefully i get this whole "wee pad" thing down soon. and hopefully i'll be back on my feet soon too. I have my first vet visit this friday. eeek!

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