Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd (and 3rd?) Vet Visit

well, i think Fridays are gonna be vet days! at least for the first few weeks living in my new home. Today was my 2nd vet visit. We had to wait in the waiting room for almost 2 hours! Its okay though. I like sitting on any of my persons' laps. There was a crazy pitbull puppy barking at me the whole time.

im hiding, cuz im scared :P

I got a different form of antibiotics and some other medication. Call me loco, but I actually like my medicine! haha. it tastes yummy :) Oh, and there has been this weird thing on my chest for a few days. We found out it was a tick! yuck! Thank goodness they took that sucker out. I got treatment for that too. Along with all of that, I got dewormed. Everytime they do something to me, they always take me away from my people :( i dont know why they do that, im just glad they bring me back haha.

i came home and i didnt want to eat. i ended up puking three times! i had to be brought back to the vet that same day. Doctor gave me another pill. I was exhausted when i came home but im feeling lots better now! i've been eating and drinking regularly. Doctor wants me to put on some weight, so i get to be piggish for awhile. No complaints! :)

i hope to be fully recovered soon. i guess being a shelter dog has its downs. But im so glad i have my very own home. I was sad to know that almost all of my shelter bunk buddies are no longer there. i hope they got homes...*whimpers*

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