Friday, September 23, 2011

Trash Day

Happy Friday, everyone! Over here, Friday is known as "trash day". I have no idea why. Some of the dogs in the 'hood are huge fans of it. I guess I'll find out one day.

But I know why I enjoy Fridays (and the weekend)...I get to go for a walk! Now that THE GIRL goes away for a few hours during the day, I don't always get to go on my long walks except on the weekend. So I look forward to it now.

Where are we going?!

hurry up! hehe.

I got a little excited and started walking like a crazy dog. That usually happens when I first leave my yard. Either I was super excited to roam the neighborhood, or the smelly aroma of trash day was getting to me!

My people said that I did really well today. I didn't even bark at the noisy people that walked past us. and I didn't see The Three Stooges when I walked past their house. But they called me "good boy" today, so I know I'm improving on my behavior :)

but while i was resting on my porch watching THE MAN take his trashcans back in, I noticed a strange creature cruising down the was really big, green, and smelled bad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pink hat model

So, about a couple of months ago, THE LADY crocheted me a hat for whatever reason. i looked absolutely silly and all they did was laugh and take pictures. after my mini photoshoot on my bridge, i thought the silliness was over.

i never saw that hat again and i was happy :)

well, just this past weekend, THE GIRL thought it would be a cool idea to take up knitting and she created this

i thought it was pretty cool until they made me the official model for the new creation.

perhaps it wouldve looked better on one of my cat sisters, but you know how they are with yarn!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bye Bye DigiCam!

Summer is slowly going bye bye :( im going to miss it!

Ive been doing really well on my walks. I dont bark as much. also, my people have been trusting me and giving me more freedom! Usually when they leave the house they make me stay in my room all by myself. But lately they've been allowing me to roam the house free! Ive been a good boy and i havent gotten into any trouble. If you live in the same place, eventually you get bored and you just end up sleeping anyway BOL! i cant wait until they let me roam the house at night *evil laugh*

anywagz, about a week ago THE GIRL sold her camera...the one that we always use to take my lovely pix with. she's planning to get a new one sometime (hopefully soon!). until then, i guess its back to phone pix! but here are some of the last memories we've made with the giant camera.

trying to not to look as if i am up to no good

bathing in the California sun

let me in!

day dreaming

and of course, good ol' Wise Cat

I wuv all of my paw pals! <3
rumor has it that my people are planning to take me to the dog park sometime this week. i hope they keep their word. if not, then i just might leave them a surprise in their shoes ;)