Monday, May 23, 2011

Peekneek At The Park

i really enjoyed my picnic at the park this past sunday! i do wish the sun was out that day, though. but i had fun regardless. i saw many dogs, including a great dane! i was smaller than his head! i didnt get a pic of him though :(

cloudy day

lots of pooples setting up their picnic stuff

calming my nerves with a green bone stick thing :)

mmm whats that?

then THE GIRL and i decided to go for a walk to the nature center! there were tons of stairs to walk up. they were so high i had to be carried up there. it was just an excuse for me to be lazy :) here's the start of our trail!

there were a lot of animals in cages. i felt bad for them because i know how it feels to be caged up, not fun! but then i saw one of the owls looking at me if i was his next meal or something...i no longer pittied him!

can i take this home? it'll look great in my room!

time to go back to the picnic area. ahhh so many steps!

back at the picnic area. everyone was running around and tiring themselves out while i just sat back and chilled.

i had a great time at the park. i hope i get to do this again in the future! the only bad thing about coming back home was...was...was...BATH TIME! In the kitchen sink!

plp! plp! plp!

okay! im getting outta here!


  1. hey Alfie,

    The picnic looks pawsome! Love the straw hut, I think that would make a great dog house! You look so cute in your sweater, and then cuddled up in the blankie. Glad you had a good time! I agree with you, though, seeing caged animals is sad. :-<

    I bet seeing a Great Dane was fun! They are huge, even to me! :->

    Sorry about your bath. That is a sad way to end a fun picnic day.


  2. What a great adventure! AND a deluxe spa treatment afterwards! Who could ask for more....

  3. Oh Alfie!!!
    It looks like that you have a great day in the park. Do you like to have a bath?
    Oh, i not.Ehehehe...
    Woof, woof,