Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Treats, No Come

i guess its safe to say that the Old Wise Cat is back to normal! She had some kind of intestinal issue but she's back to her old self now...loud meowing and everything! :) I'm hoping that she at least makes it through another year. With her strength, i bet she will! haha

I've been in "training" so far this week. Like ive mentioned before, i have issues with listening...unless there are treats invovled! bahaha. I just dont get the point in coming when called when your human is empty-handed. Ive also been told that ive been barking more than usual lately. Im sowwy! I dont understand why i get shhhhh'ed when i bark randomly. i have to listen to my people sing all the time...its not fair! oh well. tomorrow on my walk i'll TRY not to bark at that scary man on wheels. *pouty face*

oh yeah...my costume is still in the works. i'm crossing my paws that they'll magically forget all about it! bahaha.

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy the kitty is doing better. I like to talk sometimes too. I don't do it often but Beth sometimes tells me too because she says I NEED to talk. It's good for me!