Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Wise Cat

im worried about Wise Cat. She's been super lazy these past 2 days and barely eats. I came out to play today and she didnt even come out. usually she's happy to see me. she is 16 years old afterall...

my people think that she's withering away. im really sad because she's my best friend =(


  1. Oh Alfie!
    I am very sorry for your old friend.
    But you know, life goes on and we must accept the facts, even if they are bad.
    Woof, woof,

    your friend Chicco.

  2. My kitty brother Forrest is almost 16 years old. Have you tried to put some wet cat food out for your friend? Maybe with a little water added to it -- just a little -- makes the flavor come out and it's more appealing....hope things get better....

  3. Hey, Alfie! Remington sent us over... Our kitteh brother is 16 years old too! He just totally loves when we chase him...

    Sam and Pippen