Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh a Rattie Needs a Hat Needs a Hat Needs a Hat

i'm begging you, PLEASE dont make me do it!!! ya go...

BAM! THE LADY and THE GIRL thought it would be cute to make me wear this silly hat that THE LADY crocheted for me. I hear the vest is on it's way...oh dear!

W.C. update: SHE'S EATING AGAIN!!! she's getting back to her normal self slowly. today she actually ate some of her dry food and her new food. she's slowly becoming talkative again, im pretty excited!

thank you, everyone for sending her your well wishes! and an even bigger thanks to Remington for the mention in his blog! Greetings to my new friends! :)


  1. hey Alfie,

    Remington sent me over. Nice to meet you! You are such a cutie, and I think the hat looks adorable on you. And, it will keep your head warm during the chilly nights. :->

    Glad your cat friend W.C. is eating. Paws crossed she gets better soon!


  2. Hi Alfie,
    I came over through Remington and very nice to meet you. You are so cute and even with the hat. I understands the hat business cuz my Mom does the same thing but a vest too?? Wowser!! BOL Drop by my blog anytime!!


  3. Hi Alfie, Remington told us you were a great guy. Don't worry about the hat thing...we have all had to endure human insanity for the sake of love...and this weekend IS Mother's Day! Stop by and visit me sometime.

  4. Oh Poor Alfie - a coat on it's way - good thing you are so cute - you look a lot like our Disco.

    And I am so glad W.C. is eating - that means a big deal!


  5. Oh my, I'm sorry about the cat hat and sorry to hear that a vest will follow. Maybe a turd in a shoe will get them to come around.

    It's great news about WC!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Hi Alfie! Rem sent us over. We feel your pain about the hat, dude. Ugh...
    We are furry glad your kitteh is feeling btter, tho!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  7. Love the hat! Glad the kitty is doing better!

  8. Okays when they bring out da hat and THEN a's time to run likes you has nevers ran befores...even though it is a cute hat.
    Then again, I has a girl and I'll purty much do anything fur hers.

    So glad da kitteh is on da mend.


  9. Oh Alfie,

    You're always lovely, with that hat too.
    Happy new week.
    Woof, woof,