Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

or at least come at night...when im sleeping! hehe.

its been raining on and off these past 2 days. Yesterday morning it was raining so hard that i didnt get to have my morning walk. I didnt get to go outside and do my business either bahaha. So i was cooped up in the house all day and you can only imagine how crazy i was! I guess the good thing about me being insane during the day is that i sure knock out at night. My people said i was calmer than usual. Its probably because i was so pooped! Lady Whiskers stopped by though. I was shocked. Usually she wants nothing to do with me, but yesterday she hopped the fence twice just so that she can get into my room.

We had a lil stare off. She totally gave up! Its like a silent movie haha.

Today was a lil better. It was still wet outside but it wasnt raining. At least not this morning. I got to go on my morning walk, so i was happy :) It was so cold though! and the ground was wet, so it felt kind of icky on my feet. At times like these I envy those awesome dogs with long coats! But I got a cool jacket to wear though! its nice and warm and wooly!

BARK OFF! this shirt isnt as comfortable. i keep trying to take it off. I succeeded twice. heh heh.

i hope the sun comes back soon. I miss it :)

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  1. We are gettting snow! Suppose to get 10 - 15 inches today....I like to play in the snow but I like to see green grass some too.... Love your outfits!