Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 1st Walk in the Neighborhood!

Happy Sunday!!! I passed my backyard walking test and earned the priviledge of walking on the street for the first time! It was nice and quiet. I was kinda hoping to see some dogs in the neighborhood, but no luck. Am I the only dog in the neighborhood?! i cant be, though. I always hear my neighbors from both sides barking and barking. the cat outside told me that both neighbors have chihuahuas like me, but ive never seen them. someday..someday...anyway, here are pix from my first walk in the 'hood!

me and THE LADY walking down the street.

aww, what? are we headin' home already?? but i havent met any of my neighbors yet!

i loved walking in the sun :) my people said i did a great job walking for the first time. they were afraid that i'd be like the dog they had before me. Supposedly she was a "sniffer", a "puller", and an overall wild one. they were also glad that i didnt take bathroom breaks every second. See, male dogs dont do that! well, at least i dont. i did find business left behind from other dogs though. pewwy!!!

well, my walking session is over. time for a quick photoshoot on the front lawn. not ready..

im still not ready!

eh, good enough! hehe

and now it's quiet time inside the house on THE LADY's lap once again :) *yawn* fallin' asleep..


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  1. Well done! Did you get treats along the way to show how great you were doing? Beth always has a pocket full of treats for me. I get one every once in awhile and she tells me what a good boy I am. I really like that -- makes me want to do even better!