Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Am I?

Oh no, the sun is disappearing again! Luckily I got my morning walk over with. I finally met some of my neighborhood pooches. They werent very welcoming! Oh well, I guess I'll stick to hanging out with my cats.

Old Cat and I are getting along real well. She did get mad at me the other day, though. I was running around the yard with THE GIRL while Old Cat was lazying on the steps nearby. I mustve been driving her crazy, that she leaned over to watch the madness when suddenly...SHE ROLLED OFF THE STEPS! I happened to be standing closeby and she walked up to me, hissed, and left! She thinks I caused her to fall. I apologized anyway, and we're good again hehe.

the old lazy one lying on the steps minutes before falling over haha

we're still cool, right??

okay, enough of that sillyness =P. im starting to have a slight identity crisis. when i was at the shelter, i was labelled as a Chihuahua. When my people first saw me, they thought i was a mix of a Chihuahua and something else. THE GIRL always shows people pix of me and they all say that i am NOT a Chihuahua! Maybe im a mix of a Chihuahua and part alien or something. So THE GIRL and some of her friends were taking guesses on my breed. they think i might be...

  • chihuahua

  • rat terrier (not saying im a rat, im a terrier that hunts rats! haha)

  • and possibly italian greyhound

i wonder where I got my colored eyes. hopefully someday i can get a DNA test, that would be awesome! not one that draws blood though, im not that desperate to find out my background! Maybe im part yoda...

oh well, the point is, im a good dog who behaves (at least when im being watched *evil giggle*), i hardly bark, i dont howl (i dont think i know how!), im a fast runner, and i love making people laugh =D

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  1. I know what you are! AWESOME! TOTALLY AWESOME! There now that is cleared up, my friend!