Friday, March 25, 2011


Whats with all these April Showers?? Mother Nature has been very undecisive when it comes to the weather lately. Everytime i see the sunshine, i take full advantage of it because you never know when its gonna disappear! Like today...i didnt even get my morning walk because it was raining, but during lunch time Mr Sun was back! So, this is what happened...

what is this?

A barbeque?! =D

mmmmmm chicken!

The sun is still out, so I think i'll sunbathe while you people work hard at the grill

even Old Cat is joining in on the fun (on the wet floor)

mmmm almost done!

uh oh...the sun is leaving us again *pouts*

oh well, sun or not, im still gonna enjoy my snack!

the barbeque was fun! I didnt get to eat any of the yummy-smelling food that was on the grill, but i did get a nice raw hide bone for a snack! we should do this more often! well, hopefully the sun stays out longer!

time to rest now =)

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