Tuesday, March 22, 2011


the sun has returned! during my morningly walk today, i met a dog! He had a collar on and he was running free. He disappeared after awhile. I hope he went back home. I'd hate for him to get taken to the pound! When I came back home, the sky was cloudy again. Mother Nature is so mood-swingy. Just like cats!

wanna tango??

ooh, the sun is coming back! *looks up*

*sun bathing*

my people thought it would be cute to put another shirt on me! This one says "mommy and daddy love me the most". I dont have an actual mommy or daddy, but THE GIRL and THE LADY liked the shirt, so they bought it for me. I kinda wish they passed it by in the store...

at first i pretend to like it...

*trying to take it off!* its not as easy as the red shirt...

maybe you can help me?

[Cat]: nope, no can do. But I pity you!
[Me]: thanks anyway. I just hope they dont have any swim suits for me to wear this summer!
[Cat]: good luck with that! *good luck kiss*

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  1. So sweet! You are becoming great friends! I love all you clothes!