Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cats Are Silly

Remember Lady Whiskers, the cat that my people keep indoors with me? well, we havent really been on speaking terms lately. i have no idea why. sometimes i even forget she lives with me because i hardly see her. my people think that shes either jealous or that she's afraid of me. I dont see why...oh wait, i do.

onetime she came into my room and i wanted to play. and by play, i mean bark and run towards her as she runs away. humans call it "chasing". i havent spoken to her since. and today, as THE LADY and THE GIRL were sitting in the dining room, i caught Lady Whiskers rubbing her face against THE GIRL's feet. I got offended by that, so I barked at Lady Whiskers as ran towards her again. Miss 9 Lives ran away and THE LADY looked at me and said "bad boy!". i was in shock! I was only trying to protect THE GIRL. I didnt want to hurt Lady Whiskers, i was just telling her not to do whatever she was doing. So THE LADY carried me back into my room. I was sad because i didnt get my treat.

I talked to the hairy cat outside and she told me that when cats rub their faces against things, that means that they are showing affection. I thought that was silly. when i rub my face against something, that means my face itches. but i apologize. i dont understand cat (yet). Lady Whiskers still wont talk to me. Maybe next time. Oh, and the hairy cat outside still wont play with me! At least she doesnt hiss anymore. She said we're cool, as long as i dont get too close to her. deal! I respect her. Now to patch things up with Lady Whiskers.

Lady Whiskers and I a couple of weeks ago. it was a rare moment where we were actually communicating. Actually, this pic was shot a few seconds before i barked and chased her out of the room. ooops! im workin' on my behavior towards cats =D

someday we'll be friends.

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  1. I really like cats. Just remember -- they are ALWAYS right....then you will get along just fine....