Sunday, November 27, 2011

Warm Weather is Back (yay!)

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I also hope you guys were lucky enough to get a nice, scrumptious, Thanksgiving dinner. I tried, but I wasn't as successful as I expected.

*eying some delicious people food*

let's try the puppy dog eyes approach!
 eh...guess not.

Today I went on my Sunday walk. The weather has been a lot warmer than usual. I'm glad. I sure miss the summer! But I do love walking through the crunchy leaves!

aw, are we home already?

Then, when I got home, I was shocked to find out that it was time to take a BATH! A Bath?! I haven't had one in 2 weeks due to the cold weather. Aye, I guess I don't like warm weather after all!

oh well...why fight it? *cries*

I always enjoy the blow-drying at the end, though!

How is the weather everywhere else? Do you guys miss your baths? (heh heh). 


  1. hey Alfie,

    How could your soulful, sweet puppy dog eyes not work?! At the least you should have gotten a turkey leg with that look! Your humans are very strong to not be taken in by that look.

    I am furry happy you are enjoying your weather and getting nice walks in! You look so cute walking on the crunchy leaves. They are fun, aren't they? :->

    "Bath" is a very bad word to my ears, so I don't acknowledge it. It was even hard for me to look at your photos. *shiver... Sorry, Alfie. But at least you enjoy your drying, so that is a plus!

    Very cold here tonight, 20 degrees. Yay! Now all I need is snow!!!!


  2. Oh Alfie you look so distraught at the though of the bath! I bet you get lots of cuddles and fuss afterwards though, so there's always a plus point!
    p.s. thank you for modelling your harness - I've bought one for Sookie and have been struggling to work out which way it goes on as it didn't come with a picture and so your piccy helped a lot!! (Although I now think I've bought one too small - hmmf).

  3. The weather is amazing! Makes for happy dogs and humans.

    Glad you enjoy your blow dryer Alfie--you are a rare breed among dogs, but you probably knew that already :)

  4. Hello dear Alfie thanks for visiting me, yes i'm late in visiting blogs, sorry my absence.
    Well, i make the same eyes approach when my humans are eating something in the kitchen! Aahahah! Oh and i hate bath too, but now that here is so cold they don't make a bath to me...and i'm so happy for this, my humans not so much... Ehehhe!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,