Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No-Kill Shelter in Danger

The howlidays are just around the corner! How is everyone enjoying the cooler weather?

I'm a major wimp who is constantly shivering even when its not even that cold! I'm just thankful that I get to spend my first thanksgiving in a home. I'm not expecting treats or anything *lies* but that would be a major bonus =P

 I've been spoiled again as usual. Since my last entry, my people have bought me:
  • another doggie bed (this is for when I camp out in THE GIRL's room)
  • another sweater! (this one kinda looks girly, i'm sure pictures will follow soon. grr)
  • a new blanket. I love it!
    and more and more treats!
For the past 2 nights I haven't been wanting to sleep in my own room. I've been consistently pawing at the door while yelping and whining. So far it isn't working, but I might try again tonight! I don't make messes they can't really call me a bad boy ;)

Anyway, my favorite dog rescue, Beagles & Buddies (one of the only no-kill shelters around here) is in danger and in need of support. For information visit their website! You might as well fall in love with the adoptable dogs as well!


  1. Keep warm, my friend! Maybe you need TWO sweaters on or long underwear -- that would work. Will check out the website! Thanks!

  2. hey Alfie,

    Good to see you back, and full of gifts and treats! What a lucky pup you are! I am very thankful, too, that you have a wonderful forever home to spend Thanksgiving in this year. <3

    Sorry you are not liking sleeping in your own room. I know it can get lonely, so keep on trying to get out. That is the trick - to wear the humans down. BOL!

    I am sad to hear your favorite shelter is in trouble. I will sniff my way over there and check it out. Very sweet of you to mention them. Hopefully it will make more people aware of their need for help. Paws crossed it works out for them!