Monday, November 21, 2011

No, it's MY Room!

The spoiling continues. I really like this time of year because the stores are selling a lot of cool things for pets, and since this is my first howlidays with my people, they sure aren't hesitating to buy me things! I rolled my gigantic eyes at their newest purchase: another shirt. But I was happy to know that I didn't fit in it because I gained weight! (yay!) so they have to return it. I'm hoping that they aren't able to find one that's my size *paws crossed*. I should try to gain more weight in the meantime!

But I do love my new bed and blanket! I can't separate myself from it!
*in the kitchen*

I also love being in The Girl's room. It's so comfy and warm. There's a human bed in there that I try to sneak onto when no one is around...just like I like sneaking up on the kitchen table collecting left-overs. Isn't that what kitchen chairs are for? for me to climb on so that I can make my way to the table?

Except when she blocks my path.

I don't like being in my room anymore. Every night when my people say "good night" to me and give me my treats, I whine, yelp, and paw the living daylights out of the door hoping they'd open it and let me out. For the past week they've been trying to figure out why I suddenly have become "afraid" to sleep alone. They came up with this new theory. According to them, I'm not afraid at all...I'm just plain spoiled! I've gotten so used to the luxury that is The Girl's room (and bed) that my own room is no longer appealing. So her room is off limits for awhile. They're hanging out with me in my room so that I fall in love with it again. Operation-make-Alfie-love-his-room-again.

I don't know about this...
we'll see how this goes!

Until then, I'm gonna enjoy the autumn weather. I love leaves!


  1. Poor Alfie! Tell your peeps that WE sleep on the Big Bed!!! We all keep each other warm!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. Nice bed, my friend! Love the sweater too!

  3. hey Alfie,

    Paws crossed the tee-shirt does not fit. Very smart plan on gaining weight. Very smart! ;->

    Your new bed rocks! It looks very comfy cozy! And you are correct, Alfie, dogs must do all they can to grab food from the kitchen. It is our job as hunters. It is what we do. Bad kitty-cat for blocking you! BOL!

    I am sorry you are having a hard time in your room. It is lonely sleeping alone, especially since us dogs are pack animals and enjoy the company of our pack. However, you are a brave and smart doggy, so I know you will learn to love your room! Good luck!


    p.s. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! And that you received lots of yummy leftover Thanksgiving treats! I am very thankful I met you through the blog-o-sphere and that we are friends. :->