Monday, October 10, 2011


My people are always leaving the house for a bit. I dont know where they go and why they dont bring me, but I've been thinking of ways that I can stowaway.

I tried crawling into their shoes, but all I could fit in was my head. It smelled in there anyway. But then i spotted something lying on the floor of my looked big enough to store me.

*squeezes in* if i dont move or breathe, i should be okay. Wow, I've really plumped up these past few months!

well, is anybody gonna pick up their bag? I guess I accidentally went into the wrong one.


  1. Great photos, Alfie! You look great in that bag!!

  2. Cool! I wish I could fit in a bag!

  3. Nice try Alfie - better luck next time!
    p.s. you asked a question about baths on my last post - Sookie will be answering it on our blog tomorrow!! =^..^=