Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bath Time & A Milestone

*sniff sniff* you there? I smell danger...

I remember a few months ago, Wise Cat taught me a very important math equation. It goes a little something like this:

1 bottle of shampoo

Plus a sink with running water

Plus Alfie (well, me!) 

Equals...BATH TIME! (aw man!)'re not done! Then there is a towel involved and lots of massaging.

E.T. is that you??

This was my "please adopt me" face. Apparently, it worked.

*30 minutes later* All dry and clean!

oh yeah, and yesterday I hit another milestone! We had a small birthday party for one of my people person's and they invited a pawket full of family members. Well, strangers to me. It was a pretty overwhelming day as I smelled scents I've never smelled before and voices i've never heard. Let me tell ya that we rarely have visitors. My people are pretty much the only people I see on a daily basis. Humans can be scary...especially the ones that handled me in the past. At first I did my job...I barked. Then as time went by, I was able to sit in the family room with all the strangers without barking. I even let a man pet me! This is an accomplishment for a recovering former shelter dog with issues hehe.Oh yeah, and I won their hearts with my famous tricks. Works every time ;)

and I came across a sweet creature that I've never seen before...a child.


  1. Well done Alfie! It's understandable that you're wary of strangers but good on you for being brave and seeing that some of them can be very nice... they'll even give you treats if you tilt your head just so!! =^..^=

  2. Oh Alfie! You make me smile a lot with your photos of the bath! Ahhah! E.T. so funny! But i have to say to you a thing: i make the same face of you when i have a bath!
    Oh, I love children, they're so cute!
    have a nice day.
    Woof, woof,