Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to Pawsting

Alfie is back...again! hehe. I keep taking little hiatuses because I've been distracted by chasing Whiskers around the house and barking at the corn man who passed by our street every afternoon. And missing Wise Cat from time to time. I'm also not sure if anyone still finds my pawsts interesting (or if they ever were BOL!) and sometimes I would just decide not to pawst because I figure it'd be boring to others anyway =P. And me and my big ears get lonely. So I keep holding it off and I search for crumbs on the floor to eat instead.


Then I remembered the reason why I started a blog in the first make memories of my life as it transformed from stinky stray to a spoiled house pet (who still stinks occasionally!). I'm decided to come back and not get distracted. I'll try to update on an almost daily basis (I said almost) like I did when I started.

Anywagz! Tomorrow is a special day I hear. It's a day called Halloween! I really don't know what it's all about but I hear that tricks and treats are involved. I love both! But then there's another part...costumes! My people didn't get a chance to get me a costume from the store but I hear theyre whippin' out my old cowboy crocheted outfit! I hope I get tons of treats for this....

I'll just hide from them...they'll never find me under my blanket heh heh heh

P.S. I miss my friend Suka! (anyone hear from him?)


  1. Hi Alfie! Nice sunbathing pose! Aren't we lucky that WE don't get snow?!? We hope your humans don't humiliate you too much tomorrow!!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. Hello dear Alfie!!! We're all waiting for tonight: the night of Halloween.
    You're so cute under your blanket!
    Woof, woof,


  3. Have a BOO-tastic Halloween, my friend!

  4. hey Alfie,

    Here I am!! I missed you too! Thank you for remembering me, and mentioning me! Makes me feel special. :->

    Please don't stop posting. My first couple of years of blogging I only averaged a few comments a post. I also got discouraged, and wondered why no one liked me. But after a couple years of not giving up, I started to finally make more friends. So please stick with it. I love reading your posts (when my human lets me get on the internet!) and I love being your friend! And I especially love watching you mature into an occasionally stinky pampered pet! BOL!

    Sorry I was gone for so long. I really missed blogging, and all my friends, like you! But now I am back and HOPEFULLY my human will let me stay back. ;->

    Have a fun Howl-o-ween! And hope you get lots of yummy treats!


  5. Hi Alfie, well I enjoy reading your posts!! I only manage 3 posts a week but I really enjoy creating the memories, it's even nice now to look back at a few months ago and say oh yeah I'd forgotten that one!
    Hope you have a fantastic halloween... I'm looking forward to seeing this costume of yours... if your folks manage to find your hiding place that is! =^..^=