Monday, October 31, 2011



This is a pretty silly howliday. I did perform tricks for treats just like I do everyday but this time I got a little more treats than usual! I'm not complaining, it was a wonderful day! I wasn't even that good of a boy today (hehe).

But I realize that my people aren't really into halloween like most people are. They couldnt find my cowboy costume (yes!!) but they did find something else....

a wig!!!

They had one for Lady Whiskers too but of course she was nowhere to be


I hope everyone had a great halloween!

and I know I'm a bit late on this, but I've been too busy being sad about Wise Cat's passing that I haven't been up to date with what's been happening everywhere else. I just read that my dear friend and fellow pooch blogger, Gizmo has passed away =( I was very sad when I found out. I love Gizmo, Bart, and Ruby. They're one of my regular visitors and it's definitely sad knowing that a beautiful friend is no longer here. Wise Cat told me (before she went to cat paradise) that death is just a new beginning. I don't get it, but one day I will. Hopefully not anytime soon, though! But I am keeping Bart, Ruby, and their people in my doggie thoughts. I now know that losing a family member is hard. But I am thankful for getting to know this kind rottie for a short amount of time. I know he's having fun at the other side of the bridge. Probably swimming ;) Wagz and Kisses forever.


  1. Thanks, Alfie. We know you understand. Wise Cat was your first animal furiend. Losing one is hard...

    Thanks again.

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. hey Alfie,

    A wig?!? Lady Whiskers was smart to run and hide! Poor Alfie! ;->

    So happy you had a fun Halloween and got more treats than usual.

    I am very sorry for the loss of your good friend, Gizmo. I sadly did not know him, but went and pawed my sympathies when I found out. The Rottovers are beautiful dogs, and Gizmo will be greatly missed. You are a good friend to write such a sweet tribute.

    Losing a loved one is so very hard, and I am sorry that you are also still grieving the loss of Wise Cat. I know she was very special to you, but she lives on, especially in your heart.


  3. Losing our friends are is so hard.... I am happy your Halloween was good.... Take care, my friend....

  4. Happy halloween to you too Alfie!!!!!

    Come to my blog to celebrate my birthday!
    Woof, woof,