Sunday, April 29, 2012

No ER Vets?!

Why aren't there any emergency pet hospitals in my area?!! (do you like my shocked look?)

Anywagz, yesterday I gave my people quite a scare when they found me lying underneath a chair motionless. I didn't come when called, and I refused treats. I wasn't able to walk, and my entire lower body was shaking. They were willing to take me to an emergency pet hospital but to our surprise, there isn't any in our area?! We live in a California city where there seems to be everything! What about those pets who suddenly get very ill? This kind of scares me. On top of that, it was a Saturday night. Vets are usually closed on Sunday, so I was doomed.

Luckily, as if by magic, I made a miraculous recovery. All it took was the sound of MY BOY coming home and I was back on my feet. My people still don't know exactly what was wrong with me, but noticed that I was slightly limping on both of my back legs. I am a clumsy fool. I can't say what happened to me because I forgot myself, but I'm glad that I don't have to go to the hospital.


  1. Oh Alfie, thank dog you is okays! Dat would has freaked my mum out. I knows your peeps was skeered.

    We has an ER vet but it is da city overs from us. It takes bouts 30 min to get theres but it is a life saver knowin' they is there.


  2. THAT would have been very scary! Hope it doesn't happen again....

  3. Alfie! Don't scare the peeps like that!! Don't you live in L.A. like us? We know of 4 e-vets around the SF valley. Where are you?

  4. hey Alfie,

    Scary! I am so furry happy you are O.K. and I hope it never happens again! Paws crossed! I want you to be O.K. all the time!! :-> Sending you lots and lots of healing strength!

    That is odd there is no emergency Vet available. Could you just call your normal Vet? My human, K, a long time ago when living in the country, came home one night and found her dog very ill. It was about 9 p.m. She called her normal Vet and he agreed to meet her at the clinic and he worked on her dog until past midnight and kept the dog overnight. So, perhaps your normal Vet is available in case of emergencies. If he/she isn't, I am sure he/she would know of a Vet who would be available to call in case of an emergency. Good luck! I don't want anything to happen to you, my sweet friend Alfie!!


    p.s. Yes, that is a pawsome "shocked" photo!!

  5. Oh poor Alfie!!
    I got a bad scare, luckily you are good now but it's better if your humans take you to a vet -->and about this, is a really bad thing that there aren't vets in your area. How could happen this in 2012??? I don't know.
    But i'm happy you are better now, sweet Alfie.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,