Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish all you lovely poops a Happy Easter! My people were trying to get a cute Easter pic of me, but I am just so uncooperative! hehe.

and a quick update on the puppy orphan, I shall call him "William". William is still in the abandoned house. We visit him every day and bring him food and water. He is very fearful and runs away whenever someone goes near him. My people are trying their hardest to get him but he keeps going in the abandoned backyard through the crack of the abandoned gate. Too many "abandoned"! I'm just surprised that he is still there. 

As much as I enjoy being a brat, I do hope that my people can get him somehow before it's too late. Before he gets caught by the evil dog catchers or before he gets too weak and, you know. *shudders*. *paws crossed*.

Anywagz, HAPPY EASTER!!!


  1. hey Alfie,

    Happy Easter! Very cute photo! Hope you had a fun day and got some yummy Easter treats!

    I am very sad to read about William and I will cross my paws with you that your humans can catch him and show him that love does exist. Good luck!


  2. Happy Easter, my friend! I hope you can get William to come to your house. Poor guy....I am certain he is so scared and confused....I do NOT understand how any one could do that....God bless you for being so kind....the world needs more people like YOU! Keep us posted!

  3. Hehehehe...I likes your chickie and lamb.

    Poor, poor William! Is theres a rescue group or somebuddy dat could helps? I am so glads your hoomans are trying to helps him.


  4. Hello Alfie,

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!
    Oh and poor William, i hope you can find a solution for help him as soon as possible.
    Woof, woof,