Friday, March 30, 2012

Gophers and an Orphan

We've been having some major gopher problems! They are making a mess out of my beautiful grass. NO ONE can mess up the grass except for me! Just look at what they've done!

Golf, anyone?

I'll get you, my stinkiez!!
I will get them someday. Hunting rodents is supposedly my specialty. Let's see if this is true.

Another person and I have been taking walks every morning. Every morning we pass by the same houses, hear the same dogs bark, and pee on the same people's lawn. j/k. We take walks for exercise, not for leaving special messages...I PROMISE!

Anywagz, we passed by a house that looks as if their people's have gone bye-byes. Everything is gone except for one thing. Their dog. We've been seeing this little weenie every day this week. We don't know if he's a baby or if he's just a very small dog.
My person did the "awww" thing that humans do when they see something cute. I even overheard her saying that she was thinking of taking him home. I don't know how I feel about this. I am a very jealous brat terror and I like being the only baby! I'm what people call an "alpha male". But I of all dogs should feel sympathy for others who don't have a person to love them. After all, if it wasn't for my people feeling sorry for me, I wouldn't be here blogging. We might bring him food tomorrow if we see him on our walk again.

I wanna be your only baby.
I need to stop being so smellfish! I just don't want to be left behind again :( *tear*


  1. Hello der Alfie,

    I hope that the problem "Gophers" can be resolved soon. And don't be jealous Alfie, you're the cutest little dog I've ever seen :)

    Happy weekend :)

    Woof, woof,


  2. Oh dear gophers! They can make quite the mess! That is so sad about that little doggie....I hope they didn't just leave him.... If he happens to come home with you -- you would have some one to play with all the time! I keep begging for that but they are still "thinking" I kinda doubt I will be that lucky....keep us posted, my friend!

  3. Hello dear Alfie,

    Have a happy Easter to you and your family.
    Woof, woof,