Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rained In

Los Angeles, why must you rain? Today? On a SATURDAY? The day my people are home and able to do things with me? Not fair :( Well, since I'm rained in, I guess I gotta find something else to do. Something that won't make my people go "ALFIE! NO!!!!" because that happens often when I'm bored.

A couple of days ago, my person found out that I have secretly been piddly-diddlying in the hallway where I'm not supposed to. I did it once when I first moved in. That's because I didn't know that I couldn't just sprinkle anywhere I please. This whole entire year I've been doing pretty well (so they think). Ya know, sometimes you just get can't ALWAYS be a good boy! 

Anywagz, I guess I'm just gonna be lazy for the rest of the day. Hopefully Mr Sunshine will be back tomorrow!


  1. Sorry it's rainy out, my friend.... I bet tomorrow the sun will shine and you will get to do lots of fun things. About the hallway thing....maybe you shouldn't do that any more....most people frown on things like that....I'm just saying....don't fret over it -- just try to hit the great outdoors next time! Just think you will get fresh air at the same time!

  2. hey Alfie,

    Sometimes lazy Saturdays are the best! A dog can never get too much beauty sleep! BOL!

    Sorry to read about your little pee-in-the-hallway problem. But, sometimes a dog's just gotta go! ;->

    Hope you are getting some sunshine on this Sunday!


  3. Oh Alfie I feels your pain! I hates da rain too...and I mean I DO NOT DO RAIN! It causes me to gets da boredoms too and then I usually gets in trubles.
    I hopes da sun has finally come out!

    Hmmmmm, dis be interesting bouts your little pee problem. Accidents happen. I was really bad when I was littles but then I discovered da bafftub and would go in theres when it would rain. Maybe you did it cuz you be allergic to da rain.