Sunday, April 22, 2012

Socializing. Well, sort of.

I have some good news...THERE'S A DOG PARK COMING TO TOWN!!! Well, I'm not all that excited, but my people are. They want me to socialize with other dogs and they also want something "interesting" to put in my blog. This won't be taking place until the summer though. Will it make me friendly? We'll soon find out!

Speaking of friendly...William and I are getting along a lot better. I keep trying to be scary, but he sure isn't buying it. He even tried to kiss me! Maybe he thinks I'm a girl? If so, he's not the first to make that mistake. Whiskers said it's because I'm a pretty boy. I'm not pretty! But I'm PRETTY sure that William is enjoying my treats that my people have been giving him. 

I also have a weird concern. Sometimes I have these "attacks" where I start hacking/coughing. It doesn't happen all of the time, mostly when the weather changes. I also hiccup sometimes after I drink water. Does anybody else have this problem?  Other than that, I'm still my crazy, mischievous self!

This is the life.


  1. I am happy you and William are starting to get along.... Yes, I have those coughs too....we don't know what they are....sometimes one of my kitty brothers get them too....

  2. hey Alfie,

    William is looking good! So furry happy you two are getting along better. I am mistaken for a girl all the time because of my name. You would think it is obvious that I am an Alpha Male but nope, they hear or read "Suka" and just think I am a girl. Frustrating, so I feel your pain. You are a very handsome male doggy so don't worry about those who mix it up. :->

    Dog parks are pawsome! You will have a blast! I had the best one in Minneapolis, but since moving I have not had one and I really miss it and all the friends I made. I can't wait until you get yours. I know you will love it!

    The past few months I have started to have a hacking cough too. It is new and my human does not know what is causing it. It comes and goes with long intervals in between. My human wonders if it isn't something new in the air, or in the food, or who knows what. Not going to the Vet yet, thank dog!, but if it gets worse, and occurs more often, then I guess I will have to go. Paws crossed yours is nothing serious, just a throat tickle.

    Oh - that last photo of you is pawsome! :->


  3. Hi Alfie!!!
    Well, the Dog Park is such a good idea to make new friends!!!!
    Sure you will have a lot of fun!
    I'm so happy that you and William are getting along!
    Yes sometimes i have cough problems too, expecially in spring when pollens of plants begin to shoot in the air, maybe it is some kind of allergy, i don't know.
    Have a nice day, my friend.
    Woof, woof,