Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And So Im Back...From Outer Space!

The humans do this thing at church where they give something up for 40 days. I wanted to join in too, so I gave up the computer. But I only gave myself 2 weeks. I'm a dog, my lifespan is short compared to the average human =P. Besides, Lady Whiskers bet that I couldnt do it. She was wrong! Anyway..

What have i been up to? Nothing much. My people think that i need to tone it down with my barking. Well, they wouldnt exactly call me a barker, I just do this BAR RAR RAR! thing everytime strangers walk by. Or if I hear strange noises.

In my defense...its an automatic reflex for me. Kinda like you humans when someone scares you, what do you do? You scream. I never understood that, but you cant help it sometimes. So when something startles me, I say BAR RAR RAR!! But I'll work on that, if that's what will make the humans happy :)

Here's some random pix from today!

THE MAN and THE LADY are growing these in their garden.

But what is it, Old Wise Cat?



[Please Note] I didnt, nor did Old Wise Cat, eat these lovely stwawbeewies. I hear they are bad for dogs and cats? I just took a whiff at it. Just a whiff...


  1. Hello Alfie!!!
    Thanks for your visit. I'm very happy to have a new friend. Your blog is very nice and those strawberries look so delicious!


  2. I thought you had taken a vacation and was laying around a beach somewhere enjoying yourself....glad you are back, my friend. As far as the barking....GOOD FOR YOU! That is what we are SUPPOSE to do!