Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July (even though its like the 6th now or somethin')

so, monday, we celebrated American Independence Day.

I've been hearing from Wise Cat that its a pretty rough day for us animals. Birds are being forced out of their homes, dogs are begging their people to let them stay inside, and cats are just down right annoyed by all the BOOM BSSSSSH! noises being heard across town. So ive been anticipating this day for a few days now.

and this is how it went...

Wanna watch fireworks, person? *shakes head in unison*

i dont know what to expect, but im pretty excited. i got my snacks ready!


BOOM! The trees were in the way, but it was worth it.

I hope everyone had a great one! My people were anticipating whether the fireworks would bother me or not. the 2 dogs they had before me were terrified so they assumed i'd be the same but i passed the firework test! I sat there and enjoyed the show. I am fearless! Nothing scares lil ol' me! Well, except cats when theyre angry.

P.S. keeping Oskar's Momma Person in my thoughts. Get Well soon! <3

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