Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vole Hunting

Ew, what is this? And who does he/she thinks she is walking across my yard?!

Why it's a little ole vole! Looks like hunting season has officially begun!

I'll get you, my pretty!

Aw, RATZ! Well, hopefully I'll catch my first rodent soon! I guess I'm still a rookie. And it was staring right at me! Someday...someday....

Can I come inside now?


  1. Hello dear Alfie,

    nice to see you back, how are you??
    Oh, wow! You're a great hunter!!!
    Have a nice week and a funny summer!!!
    Woof, woof,


  2. hey Alfie,

    Furry happy to see you back!

    Oh puppy poops! You missed the vole. Too bad, they are tasty treats! I have had a few myself, much to the dismay of my human. Oh well, dogs will be dogs! Better luck next time!


    P.S. You look so cute standing by the door wanting in! :->

  3. hello dear Alfie,

    How are you??? are you having a nice summer??

    I will be absent for some time (because for holiday).
    See you soon.

    Woof, woof,