Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Half-Year to Me!

First thing's first: a few days ago (the 15th) was my 6 month anniversary of my adoptionversary or as some might call it, "gotcha day"! I dont know why 6 months is worth celebrating, but Wise Cat told me that it means that I have been living here for half a year! I'm pretty excited *wags tail*.

And to make things better, I woke up that morning with a surprise in my room!

a basket full of treats! yum! wow, if i get presents for my 6 months, i cant wait to see what i'll get for my one year! Or better yet, CHRISTMAS! Lady Whiskers says I dont even deserve it! BOL!

Okay, now for an update on my daily walks: Ive been taking walks every morning and every late afternoon lately. There's always something different going on each day. Weird people walking around, weird people in their yards and even other dogs. this is supposed to expose me to the crazies that go on in the 'hood and hopefully "socialize" me.

so far im doing a decent job. besides the occasional BAR-RAR-RAR's! and the fact that I tried to run across the street when i saw one of my neighbors walking on the sidewalk. it nearly gave my people a heart attack. what? i wasnt gonna attack him. i wasnt gonna bite him. maybe just taste his ankle a little. but that was awhile ago. ive matured since then.

Oh yeah, and yesterday there was another dog walking around. He had a collar around his neck just like me, but he wasnt walking any people. He was alone. He also wasn't neutered. the reason why I know this is know. Anyway, this drove me bonkers! He tried to come in my yard and he tried to steal my people so I had a little talk with him. I just told him to go find his own people before someone takes them away. I must've been talking super loud because my people carried me back into the house and kept telling me to "shhh". they also cancelled my walk that day due to me being disruptive to the 'hood. oops.

But here are my good moments!

ooh, is that the tasty leg guy??



  1. Alfie, we're glad you're getting to get out and about. The more you do it, the more familiar everything will be!! We think you are very brave!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. Oh Alfie, well it's all a learning process after all... I'm sure you can get away with the odd bark if you give the puppy dog eyes ;)

  3. Hello dear friend,
    Happy half year to you!!!! I hope it was a great day, enjoy all those treats!!
    I'm so sorry that they cancelled your walk, maybe next time!
    have a nice day.
    Woof, woof,


  4. You should be laughing with a great basket full of stuff like that. We dogs are supposed to protect the people, they wouldn't like it if we didn't protect them would they?

    Nubbin wiggles,