Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping At PetCo!

My people seem to go shopping almost everyday, so being alone in my room for a few hours has become routine for me. But today I was pleasantly surprised when they told me that I'll be going shopping with them! I went to a store called PetCo. It's similar to PETSMART except this one seems a lil more peaceful. Theyre want to take me out more, so this is a start i guess!

Posing in the dog food aisle. I was being carried because i was too scared to walk around. I think im a chicken and not a dog sometimes.

purses to carry dogs in? does this mean i'll get to stowaway once in awhile? it might work if i didnt bark so much!

wow so many harnesses to choose from! i feel like a dog in a pet store! oh wait...

anyway, ive been having a conversation with Wise Cat in the backyard lately. She informed me that I'm gaining weight (but everyone's fat compared to her), im becoming lazy, and im barking way too much. I've also become territorial and a bit aggressive when it comes to my treats and she fears i might become those dogs that appear on The Dog Whisperer. 

So im starting my walks again. Back and fourth on the sidewalk every morning and evening. I started today and did alright. I did bark a lot though and i tried to charge at the neighborhood dogs. She (Wise Cat) gave me an overall grade C-. Im determined to graduate with flying colors by the end of this year! I'll show them that I can be a good dog!...i think.


  1. I bet you were just singing to everyone! Yeah, that was it! You just want to be on American Idol....good job! Isn't shopping fun? I can get a whole cart full of toys that I like....however Beth makes me put some stuff back....I think I need a bigger allowance!

  2. Oh Alfie, anything to meet Cesar Millan eh?!! =^..^=

  3. I've been going to invite me to know and be my friends if you want, I really like to have friends, now I am very sad because I lost my namogadinho with feline leukemia ... I keep waiting for your visit
    Good weekend and the ronrons

  4. hey Alfie,

    Going shopping sounds fun! I have never been. :-< I think because I am too big, but that seems like a lame excuse to me.

    I don't think you are a chicken, you are just cautious. Don't want to risk anything until you have checked out the place; I think you are playing it smart! I hope you found some yummy treats to buy!

    I think you will rock your graduation! I see an A+ in your future! Just focus, have fun, and be the great pup that you are! :->